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The Utah Jazz are on a 9-game winning streak.

Sure, the teams they’ve played during the streak haven’t been the most impressive of squads, but wins are wins, and racking up nine in a row is impressive no matter what.

So let’s get to know the Jazz a bit better. Specifically on the defensive side of the floor. Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune:

Recent seasons have seen Utah consistently finish among the leagues top-three-rated defenses. Of course, after this summer’s roster overhaul to bolster the team’s scoring options, many expected a defensive regression to be inevitable, and that has indeed been the case.

Still, after a relatively pedestrian start, the Jazz have been picking up steam defensively and rising up the rankings, owing to their growing familiarity with one another and with coach Quin Snyder’s schemes. After Sunday’s win in Washington, the Jazz had moved up to eighth in the NBA in defensive rating, allowing 106.1 points per 100 possessions.

Naturally, this being the Jazz, they see plenty of places where improvement is possible. And considering the team allowed 66 first-half points to the Wizards on Sunday, it’s not as though they’re humble-bragging.

“I think we were a little slow, especially defensively,” noted two-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert.

The team faces an interesting opponent tomorrow, as vistors in Brooklyn against a Nets team who happily regained the services of big-time backcourt scorer Kyrie Irving.