Starters were announced for the 2008 All-Star game (see full results here) and Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson will start on the West. Here’s what he had to say about it:

How does it feel to be named a starter?

Allen Iverson: “It’s a good feeling. I think it’s a tribute to my teammates and coaching staff because without those guys none of that would be possible. But most of all I just want to thank the fans for appreciating what I go out and do on the court night in and night out. That’s the best feeling of all this…the people that make us who we are picked me to be their starter.”

Are you surprised that you caught Tracy McGrady?

Allen Iverson: “I was kind of surprised because two weeks ago I was behind him by like 80,000 votes, so I was surprised that I caught him so fast. And to be able to catch somebody with that much talent and fan-base says a lot about the Allen Iverson fans out there.”

Are you excited to be starting alongside your Nuggets teammate, Carmelo Anthony?

Allen Iverson: “Melo is a great basketball player and a great teammate. I start beside him all the time and then to have a chance to start beside him in a big game like the All-Star Game is just a blessing.”

This is your ninth selection. Does it ever get old?

Allen Iverson: “Never…never…this will never get old. This time feels like the first one. It’s just a great feeling and an honor, and I’m just looking forward to trying to play the best that I can play for the fans.”


How does it feel to be named a starter?

Carmelo Anthony: “It feels great. It feels like I’m over the hump now and people are starting to realize the hard work that I put in to get here. It’s all because of the fans. They’re obviously liking what they’ve been seeing out of me and the production that I’m giving out there on the court this season. And like I said it’s finally starting to pay off.”

Are you excited that you’ll be starting alongside Iverson?

Carmelo Anthony: “It’s just going to feel like normal, like we’re here with the Nuggets. But I’m happy that I’m a starter and I’m happy that he’s a starter. You know, anytime you get two guys starting in an All-Star Game, or even just being named to the team, it’s an honor.”