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  1. Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson? Who Truly Is The Best in the NFL
  2. Met a really cool guy today
  3. Alex Smith
  4. The Stats Proove That Tom Brady Moves Ever Closer To Becoming The GOAT Quarterback
  5. NFL parallels of the Star Wars Universe
  6. Better Pick: Darren McFadden or Demarco Murray?
  7. Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan
  8. Reuben Foster, ILB.
  9. Deadspin: Manti Te
  10. Lions with Mathew Stafford vs. Winning Teams
  11. Peyton Manning has to be on HGH
  12. Russell Wilson > Andrew Luck
  13. Do you think LeBron James would have been a dominant Football player?
  14. Better QB Skills: Colin Kaepernick vs A Potato
  15. Blake Bortles looking to be the top QB pick for the 2014 draft
  16. Jay Cutler 7 year extension
  17. Ray Rice arrested for domestic last night
  18. What If All NFL Logos Smoked Weed?
  19. Adrian Peterson suspended for the rest of the season without pay
  20. The Crazy Love for Johnny Manziel
  21. Sing with me
  22. Better QB Skills: Russell Wilson vs A Potato
  23. Tom Brady will become GOAT QB
  24. Patriots cheating ("Deflate-gate") confirmed
  25. Deflategate, just a wee bit too convenient...
  26. Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Who ya got?
  27. Patriots' rings are all asterisks.
  28. can we all agree that winning 4 out of 6 super bowls > winning 4 super bowls?
  29. Better QB Skills: Russell Wilson vs A Bag of Chips
  30. Superbowl 50 Predication
  31. The Browns Are a Blazing Dumpster Fire
  32. Only 216 more days until football season starts
  33. Jerry Rice admits to using stickum on gloves
  34. Missing persons report: Bless Mathews
  35. (RUMOR) Dez Bryant could be in some serious trouble career wise.
  36. The NFL should veto the Jimmy Graham to Seattle trade
  37. Mariota not impressing at his pro day
  38. Johnny Manziel will not play in the 2015
  39. Did Patrick Willis set a new trend?
  40. What is the plan for the New York Giants?
  41. Option to Challenge Penalty Flags Being Discussed
  42. Browns on Hard Knocks?
  43. QB's Cumulative Playoff Records
  44. MVP pick?
  45. Kurt Warner (MVP) on Colin Kaepernick
  46. Anyone follow/kept up with the A.Hernandez case?
  47. Jay Cutler-signed football gets 0 bids at charity auction.
  48. LaRon Landry
  49. The all-time NFL power rankings -- of the Super Bowl era
  50. New Browns Uniforms
  51. New LA STADIUM
  52. Who's gonna be a bigger impact: Byron Jones or Brashad Perriman?
  53. New 49ers alternate uniform....
  54. I recently watched Kevin Costner's "Draft Day"....
  55. Does anybody else HATE how analysts try to grade draft classes right after the draft?
  56. "Chip got rid of all the good black players"
  57. ALL Colts Balls Tested At AFC Title Game Were Underinflated
  58. Wells Report Misled On Which Gauge Ref Used - Pats Balls Were Not Underinflated
  59. Patriots sign Fred Davis
  60. Madden 16 Cover Vote
  61. PAT rule change
  62. Super Bowl and 12th man....
  63. Do you guys appreciate that your watching the most dominant defender of all time?
  64. Seattle have the worst fans in the NFL
  65. This catch > OBJ catch
  66. Do the Jets have the best front and best secondary in the league?
  67. Don Shula - Cheater And Hypocrite
  68. just on playoff performance, is Joe Flacco arguably the best QB ever
  69. Eddie Lacy on a tricycle being pushed by a little girl
  70. Who Is the Best Player in the NFL Outside the QB Position?
  71. Joe Montana Admits To More 49ers Cheating
  72. Besides Seattle fans, who are the least knowledgable...
  73. How many games will the 49ers win this year?
  74. Summer Reminder.....
  75. NFL's top quarterback franchise
  76. Top 100 NFL Players
  77. Russell Wilson dating this?
  78. The Daily Dez: Contract Holdout
  79. Browns Only NFL Franchise Without Any SB Ties
  80. Adrian Peterson expectations
  81. This Is Why The Players Top 100 List is The Best
  82. Who will be the 5 'NEW' playoff teams in 2015?
  83. Eric Berry back to practice, cancer-free
  84. Drafting 11 players for all 3 phases of game
  85. Sheldon Richardson secretly yearns to be Dallas Cowboy
  86. LOLLOLLL....Seattle make Wilson 2nd highest paid QB
  87. Fantasy Football Talk/Advice 2015
  88. Which Player On Your Team Will Have The Biggest Breakout Year??
  89. Top 10 QB Rankings 2015
  90. Top 10 RB Rankings 2015
  91. Top 10-15 WR Rankings 2015
  92. Playoff Teams
  93. God damn it Aldon....
  94. Right now, give me top 5 afc/nfc
  95. Australian Rugby God Jarryd Hayne impressing 49ers
  96. Do you fantasy?
  97. Hard Knocks 2015 - Texans
  98. That time of the year again....
  99. Anyone see Jarryd Hayne today?
  100. Jarryd Hayne 49ers rufby player.....
  101. De'Anthony Thomas at reciever
  102. Your Realistic Team Expectations
  103. Kelvin Benjamin out for the year.
  104. Anyone interested in an Online Madden 16 league for PS4?
  105. Who are sleepers in fantasy football?
  106. Proof That Patriots Did NOT Tape Rams Practice Before Super Bowl
  107. Which QB has the GOAT skill set?
  108. Jarryd Hayne continues his good play in 2nd match with 9ers
  109. Madden 16 - Extremely Impressed
  110. fantasy help
  111. The GOAT talks 49ers, Hayne, Kap, a comeback?
  112. Tebow has been black balled, but he's actually great...
  113. Thoughts on Jarryd Hayne?
  114. RG3 is getting hurt on purpose
  115. 2015-2016 Fantasy Football Advice Thread
  116. Which team had the greatest defense of all-time?
  117. Madden for ps4
  118. Winston vs Mariota : Season Long Comparison Thread
  119. Pencil Knecked Journalists Top 100 players list
  120. Brady Wins Brady Wins
  121. Jarryd Hayne vs Chargers
  122. Randy Moss
  123. Cleveland cut their fourth round pick from this year.
  124. Havard Rugland
  125. Now That We're Got 53 Man Rosters...Playoff Predictions?
  126. thoughts on this play?
  127. Like last year...I will be offering free Fantasy advice....
  129. Aldon Smith signs with Raiders
  130. I haha at Seattle
  131. Are we seeing the end of Peyton Manning?
  132. 49ers wearing black alternate tonight....
  133. Eagle fans so cocky
  134. 49er postgame report....
  135. The Johnny Football Hype Thread: 2015-2016 is the year of the Johnny
  136. Was there any doubt 49ers
  137. is there still doubt that Tom Brady is the GOAT footballer?
  138. PFF top 5/bottom 5 at each position
  139. Tom Brady > Peyton Manning
  140. Falcons just got screwed, possibly the biggest fix ever.
  141. Matty Ice DOES IT AGAIN!
  142. 0-2
  143. Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco? Tired of him being underrated.
  144. You a Revis man or a Sherman bull?
  145. Trade Value for some young Quarterbacks: J. football & RGIII
  146. Come in this thread if your team hasn't won yet....
  147. Bam Bam Ends Holdout !!!
  148. Week 3 Discussion and Game Thread
  149. I feel like Alfred Morris has gotten a raw deal.
  150. Looking for a particular type of fantasy league. Please help
  151. Notice that ESPN always leads with the NFC East
  152. Anyone know what time is the apology?
  153. Was That THE Worst Performance In NFL Quartebacking History???
  154. Julio Jones or Antonio Brown
  155. Not going to lie...defenses can no longer hide Kap/Wilson's deficiencies....
  156. Is Steve Smith Sr. a hall of famer?
  157. If Your Team Was SuperSonic'd/Brown'd
  158. How Good Is Josh Norman?
  159. 2015 MVP/DPOY Standings.
  160. 49ers: Geep Chryst Offensive Coordinator Thread
  161. 49ers: Jimmy T Coaching Thread here
  162. 49ers: The Jed York thread
  163. If Brady and or Rodgers Played Half of Their Games In A dome....
  164. Who's The Toughest NFL Player Right Now?
  165. Eagles/Redskins Game maybe postponed due to the Hurricane
  166. 2015 Week 4 Picks
  167. pick 1 quarter to win a do or die game
  168. Aaron Rodgers
  169. Richie Incognito is Starting For The Bills and Jonathon Martin Is Out Of The League
  170. This is the Falcon's year.
  171. Why does First Take just talk about NFC East?
  172. Will the 49ers bench Kaepernick next week?
  173. The Colin Kaepernick era is over
  174. Andy Dalton
  175. Sherman Vs Norman
  176. Why are all the NFL players forced to cover themselves in bright pink?
  177. Who will be the last undefeated team?
  178. Seattle fans are classless....
  179. Kam Chancellor broke the rules....
  180. After All The Controversy That Is Bout To StOart, don't EVER Forget.....
  181. Apparently Ryan Tannehill is a total Gerber baby.
  182. 2015 Points Per Possession
  183. Week 5 Picks
  184. Was Seattle robbed in 05?
  185. QBs are throwing at Sherman all day now
  186. Rodgers has nothing on Brady...
  187. Seattle are DONE
  188. So who wins NFC East?
  189. What teams are coming out of the NFC
  190. Clemson University Apologizes For Offending Mexicans By SERVING TACOS
  191. Why is Tom Brady an Hall of Famer?
  192. The Denver Broncos are like "Perfume over Poop"
  193. If Calvin Johnson retired right now he wouldnt be a hall of famer
  194. The Devaluing of Running Backs
  195. The Katrina Refs at it again.
  196. Contender or Pretender?
  197. Disney will reveal new Star Wars trailer on MNF Giants vs. Eagles game
  198. Foreigners can't play football
  199. Remember when I said 9ers would win more games than Seattle?
  200. PSA: The Jets have the #1 ranked defense and #8 offense
  201. Legion of Gloom
  202. A discussion is going on right now in the NBA forum saying Michael Jordan...
  203. Who was it that said Bridgewater was as talented as Rodgers?
  204. The GOAT player and the GOAT team
  205. A Football Life: Steve LOargent on Tonight
  206. NFL X NBA Jersey Mashups
  207. TMZ: DeSean Jackson's home invaded, police suspect gang involvement
  208. 2015 season Super Bowl rematches
  209. Please explain this QB rating BS to me...
  210. Smith Sr. to Carolina?
  211. Fantasy Footbal Trade
  212. Brady's EASILY the GOAT and here's why...
  213. Pick 2 All-Time Wideouts to win 1 big game
  214. Team all-time regular season records
  215. Pierre Gar
  216. Todd Gurley
  217. Funny midseason facts
  218. 49ers trade Vernon Davis to the Broncos
  219. It's official, 49ers bench Colin Kaepernick in favor of Blaine Gabbert
  220. Shit Typin Niner Fans...
  221. Cam Newton for MVP?
  222. JNo, best corner on the planet.
  223. Joe Thomas to Denver
  224. In about 5 years we might have a league with very poor QB play
  225. Colts Fire OC Pep Hamilton
  226. Paid Patriotism: 19 NFL teams received money from the DoD for honoring troops, but:
  227. Mid-season awards, according to the experts
  228. New details on Greg Hardy domestic abuse
  229. How is Ike Taylor an analyst
  230. Lets talk about Derek Carr.
  231. Gabbertsanity
  232. Cam Newton, Dalton, and obviously Brady...
  233. Eagles fan gets KOed by Cowboys fan
  234. Jadeveon Clowney 1 sack in 8 career starts
  235. Is Peyton Manning the worst starting QB in the league?
  236. 3 reasons why you can never circle in wins and losses on a NFL schedule
  237. Where does Seattle go from here?
  238. Why are kickers more accurate in today's NFL compared to previous eras?
  239. Nick Foles benched for Case Keenum in St. Louis
  240. Top 3 teams in each conference right now?
  241. if Tom Brady and the Pats go to another superbowl
  242. This confirms the NFL is a racist league
  243. Kaepernick placed on IR
  244. So we just gonna pretend like cam is not going to win MVP
  245. WTF is Going On in Baltimore
  246. Touchdown Leaders, QBs
  247. Let's talk about Chip Kelly...
  248. Saint Newton
  249. Rams WR Stedman Bailey Shot In The Head
  250. DEZ