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  40. if Mike Vick was white, he would heralded as an American hero
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  66. Would Ryan Fitzpatrick be a Top 10 QB if he wasn't in Buffalo?
  67. So will Dmac live up to the hype this season?
  68. endless talk this week about how Romo chokes REPEATEDLY..could someone break it down?
  69. Calvin Johnson
  70. What type of deal could the Colts get for the #1 pick? (Andrew Luck)
  71. LeBron James considering NFL?
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  73. Tebow bandwagon starting up in week 7
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  78. Carson Palmer to Raiders
  79. it is official...Luck is the most overhyped college player EVER
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  81. Eli Manning and the Dreaded Underrated Word
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  86. Should Joe Paterno be fired/step down over this Sandusky shit?
  87. Gronkowski on pace to break Gates/Davis TE single season TD record
  88. Victor Cruz
  89. Week 12 Discussion and Game Thread
  90. The Tim Tebow hype will soon end...as the Broncos won't win another Game this season
  91. Tim Tebow = clutch, Tony Romo = choker
  92. Espn 1st Take
  93. American Football (National Two Hand Touch League) James Harrison
  94. Josh Freeman...thoughts on potential?
  95. Adrian Peterson tears ACL, needs reconstructive surgery
  96. Steelers are 12 - 4, but they are the #5 seed
  97. NFL Wildcard Round Discussion and Game Thread
  98. Coach Firings aka "Black Monday"
  99. Let's talk about what the St. Louis Rams should do
  100. Am I reading this wrong or is Peyton going to be released?
  101. Landry Jones staying in school
  102. I am a Tebow believer
  103. Super Bowl XLVI Discussion Game Thread: Giants vs Patriots!
  104. Tom Terrific Brady's Incredible NFL Postseason Stats
  105. It really looks like Peyton is leaving Indy, doesn't it?
  106. New Nike NFL Uniforums
  107. Gotta hand it to Eli. He's amazing.
  108. The Stats Proove That Tom Brady Moves Ever Closer To Becoming The GOAT Quarterback
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  110. ESPN: Official Peyton Manning Will Not Return to Colts
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  114. Manning signs with the Broncos
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  116. BREAKING NEWS: Tim Tebow traded to the JETS!!!
  117. this is one of the weakest draft classes ever
  118. Official 2012 ISH NFL Mock Draft
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  120. Buzz builds that Colts could take Griffin
  121. Winners & Losers of NFL Draft.
  122. NFL parallels of the Star Wars Universe
  123. Most underrated player in the NFL
  124. Primetime's 3 month Avy...taking suggestions
  125. Dolphins to be on HBO's "Hard Knocks"
  126. Never thought I'd see a better prospect than Calvin Johnson.
  127. Ladainian Tomlinson to retire
  128. Best NFL Stadiums
  129. Top 10 QBs as of 2012
  130. Vick - Eagles can potentially be a Dynasty
  131. 2012 Training Camp News and Tidbits
  132. my top-10 CB duos going into 2012
  133. Preseason Game Thread
  134. Better Pick: Darren McFadden or Demarco Murray?
  135. pretty sure RG3 will bust
  136. Post your fantasy team name, let's see who has the best one.
  137. Cornerback Log 2012-2013 edition.
  138. Nicole Zaloumis, NFL AM host
  139. Dez Bryant might be heading to cleveland via Terrel Owens
  140. NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.
  141. Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan
  142. Dez Bryant is overrated
  143. Eli manning is the best QB in football.
  144. What do you think of Tony Romo? Top 10? Top 5? Your thoughts...
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  146. The NFC North is the best division in football.
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  151. Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints
  152. Week 12 Game Thread and Discussion
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  155. Week 15.... Holy Crap
  156. Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)
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  158. Week 17 Discussion Thread
  159. Black Monday Thread (Firings)
  160. When will Romosexual get replaced?
  161. NFL Playoffs GT: Wildcard Round
  162. Reuben Foster, ILB.
  163. It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings
  164. NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals
  165. Chip Kelly to the Eagles?
  166. Deadspin: Manti Te
  167. Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.
  168. Official Super Bowl Game Thread - Baltimore vs. SF
  169. Who's going to win Puppy Bowl VIX?
  170. SuperBowl, who ya got?
  171. % chance that this Beyonce halftime show is the worst ever?
  172. Best Halftime show ever...
  173. Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs
  174. 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)
  175. Seahawks 2013-2014 Super Bowl Champions Thread
  176. Revis traded to Bucs for picks (including this years #1)
  177. Lions with Mathew Stafford vs. Winning Teams
  178. Aaron Hernandez involved in a murder case
  179. Carson Palmer in ARZ...
  180. 2013 Preseason Game Threads
  181. Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Championship Flight
  182. I don't think I've felt as good about a vegas line as the Cards over 5.5 wins.
  183. R Wilson vs. Kaepernick
  184. Andrew Luck or RG3
  185. September NFL playoff picks
  186. Weekly Gambling Spreads.
  187. 2014 QB Draft Watch
  188. 2013 NFL MVP & DMVP Awards.
  189. Trent Richardson traded to Colts for 1st round draft pick..
  190. PFF Spotlight on 1st rounders so far.
  191. NFC East Trash Talk
  192. Peyton Manning has to be on HGH
  193. Top 5 Quarterbacks
  194. Any Raiders Fans here ?
  195. Joe Haden & Richard Sherman 2013 Cornerback Logs.
  196. Has everyone finally caught up to me in understanding that...
  197. Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowksi?
  198. Cleveland wants a 2nd round pick for Josh Gordon?
  199. PBS Documentary on NFL Concussions
  200. These #FreeHernandez tweets.....
  201. Quarterback "Clutch" Stats
  202. Predict the top 5 QBs in the league in 2016.
  203. PFF's Top 5 and Bottom 5 by Position (Through Week 5)
  204. So how much are we losing by tonight?
  205. Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son in critical condition after attack
  206. MSRA could postpone Tampa / Philadelphia game
  207. Kellen Winslow suspended for PED Usage
  208. Points per possession = a better way to evaluate offense/defense?
  209. Johnny Manziel should be drafted number 1
  210. So Amendola is so much better than Welker, right?
  211. Jimmy Graham injury
  212. Jon Gruden says Andrew Luck is the best QB in the league.
  213. Aqib Talib
  214. Irsay says Manning told him to draft Luck
  215. Rate the kansas city chiefs defense
  216. Suh fined for hit on Brandon Weeden
  217. Gronkowski cleared to play by all doctors, will play Sunday
  218. What has made the Chiefs so good?
  219. Is it time to trade Eli?
  220. Russell Wilson 2015 MVP
  221. What stats do you look at for quarterbacks?
  222. It feels good to be a 49ers fan.....
  223. I cant wait for Carbines
  224. The Colts are Super Bowl Contenders
  225. Sam Bradford torn ACL.
  226. Peyton Manning = Class
  227. WR Mike Evans Pro Potential?
  228. Reggie Wayne torn his ACL.
  229. So glad Marcus Vick didn't make it in the NFL
  230. Doug Martin done for the season
  231. Is Steve Smith a HOFer?
  232. Tom Brady is declining.
  233. Russell Wilson > Andrew Luck
  234. Brandon Weeden demoted to back up
  235. If you could pick 2 All-Time WRs to win a one big game.....
  236. Active football forums
  237. St. Louis Rams interested in Brett Favre
  238. Redskins now gonna be the Bravehearts?
  239. Brett Favre admits he suffers from memory loss
  240. Jameis Winston
  241. How would you guys rank these football conferences?
  242. I can't wait for next week
  243. Dez Bryant's meltdown
  244. Espn QBR
  245. All time comparison: Megatron v. Moss v. TO
  246. Jordy Nelson vs Dez Bryant
  247. When did people start expecting rookie QB's to produce?
  248. Who do you think has the better defense? KC vs Sea
  249. Where does Matthew Stafford rank among other QBs?
  250. Week 9 Discussion