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  1. Deadspin: Manti Te
  2. Is Tom Brady Overrated??
  3. Brady vs Belichick
  4. Romo doesn't have the voice to be lead analyst.
  5. Dallas Cowboys Discussion Thread
  6. Will Josh Allen win more than 2 Super Bowls ?
  7. NFL postseason thread
  8. How terrified are you of the Browns
  9. Tua Tagovailo vs Trevor Lawrence
  10. 10th Annual ISH Money League
  11. Daniel Jones is DESTROYING all haters...
  12. 2019 NFL Season Predictions
  13. Who will get to 540 first?
  14. Who is the best Quarterback in the league ( im trying to see who's voting for trump)
  15. 2019 Nfl Mvp & Dpoy
  16. Ramsey the Ram
  17. Antonio Brown is angry at the racist NFL...
  18. Down goes Bama! Burrow has to be the first pick.
  19. Week 10
  20. Most trite phrase in football announcing?
  21. Lamar (Houdini) Jackson
  22. Myles Garrett hits Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet
  23. NFL QB Mason Rudolph hit on the head w/ his own helmet by Myles Garrett
  24. NFL Week 11 Game Thread
  25. Myles Garrett appealing suspension
  26. The extinction event just hit in the NFL
  27. Chargers need to bench Rivers for Tyrod.
  28. LMAO...Garrett is now saying Rudolph said a racial slur...
  29. NFL Week 12 Game Thread
  30. 49ers 7/1 to win the SB
  31. NFL Week 13 - Game Thread
  32. NFL Week 14 Game Thread
  33. Jerry Jones was an offensive lineman on a collegiate championship football team
  34. I missed the game.Did Tom get his ass kicked by a black QB again?
  35. Pats should've never cut AB...(They have no weapons)
  36. Spygate 2.0?
  37. NFL Week 15 Game Thread
  38. Big offseason changes expected for Jacksonville Jaguars
  39. Black Qbs were 7-1 this week
  40. Cleveland Browns almost definitely going to miss the playoffs
  41. Lamar Jackson got the most Pro Bowl fan votes
  42. Cornerback Janoris Jenkins claimed off waivers by the Saints
  43. Josh Gordon suspended yet again
  44. Is it fair to compare dome quarterbacks to harsh condition quarterbacks?
  45. Duck Hodges continues as Steelers starting quarterback, for now
  46. Will Odell Beckham Jr stay with Browns?
  47. Jaguars fire Tom Coughlin
  48. Best quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL draft class
  49. NFL Week 16 Game Thread
  50. RB Darren Sproles will retire after this season
  51. Rams will miss the playoffs
  52. Possible DeSean Jackson return during playoffs
  53. On possible Cowboys offseason changes
  54. Mark Ingram vows to be ready for playoffs
  55. Saints give Antonio Brown a workout?
  56. Falcons are keeping their coach and GM
  57. Jaguars might fire their head coach
  58. NFL Week 17 Game Thread
  59. Winston finishes the season with 30 INTs
  60. Ravens have broke the record for most rushing yards in a season
  61. Carson Wentz > Dak Prescott
  62. NFL Postseason Predictions
  63. On Eli Manning's NFL future. Retirement might happen soon.
  64. NY Giants fire head coach Pat Shurmur
  65. Bears will probably stick with Mitchell Trubisky as quarterback
  66. New Redskins coach is Ron Rivera
  67. George running back D'Andre Swift is going pro
  68. Christian McCaffrey named All-Pro at 2 positions
  69. NFL Postseason Thread
  70. Kraft is destroying the end of Brady's career...
  71. Is Drew Brees a big time choker?
  72. Giants make Patriots WR coach Joe Judge their head coach.
  73. QB Jameis Winston undergoes LASIK eye surgery
  74. NFL suspension lifted on Myles Garrett
  75. Redskins release cornerback Josh Norman
  76. Lions might trade Darius Slay
  77. Thoughts on QB Joe Burrow?
  78. Drew Brees will play another season for Saints
  79. Tight end Greg Olsen to sign with Seahawks
  80. Washington exercises option on Adrian Peterson
  81. Bears release Taylor Gabriel and Prince Amukamara
  82. Ravens giving big money to their defensive coordinator
  83. Which NFL players deserve the franchise tag?
  84. Bears QB next season will still be Mitchell Trubisky
  85. Tom Brady - what's his next step?
  86. Offensive tackle Mekhi Becton
  87. 2020 NFL Combine
  88. Jaguars trading AJ Bouye to Broncos
  89. Safety Mike Adams is retiring from the NFL
  90. 2020 NFL Free Agency Discussion Thread
  91. XFL player signing autographs for fans outside the tunnel after ejection
  92. 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game
  93. Rob Gronkowski to the WWE?
  94. Cordy Glenn gone from Bengals
  95. NFL CBA Approved
  96. Cardinals trade David Johnson for Deandre Hopkins
  97. Jaguars to trade QB Nick Foles to Bears
  98. Darius Slay will wear jersey No. 24 to honor Kobe Bryant
  99. Travis Frederick has retired from the NFL
  100. Michael Brockers is re-signing with the Rams
  101. ISH 2020 NFL Mock Draft
  102. Rams trading Brandin Cooks to Texans
  103. XFL suspends operations
  104. RB Christian McCaffrey signing big extension with Panthers
  105. NFL schedule out by May 9. Maybe.
  106. The Bears are releasing tight end Trey Burton
  107. Gronk traded! Patriots reportedly trading Rob Gronkowski to Buccaneers
  108. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread
  109. QB Jameis Winston to the Saints
  110. QB Andy Dalton to the Cowboys
  111. RB Frank Gore signing with Jets
  112. Why Cam Newton is still an unsigned free agent
  113. 2019 1st round 30th overall pick NY Giants CB DeAndre Baker
  114. Tom Brady and some Bucs players hold a workout
  115. DE Aldon Smith reinstated by the NFL
  116. Chad Johnson reportedly tipped a grand at a Florida restaurant
  117. Jets QB Joe Flacco won't be fully healthy by mid September
  118. RB Todd Gurley passes physical, will join Falcons
  119. Seahawks rookie tight end Colby Parkinson reportedly has broken foot
  120. Cowboys QB Dak Prescott to sign franchise tag
  121. Cam Newton to the Patriots
  122. Washington football team name change
  123. Patrick Mahomes has all the money now
  124. Cleveland Browns restructuring Olivier Vernon's contract
  125. NFL trying to use MLB's strategy
  126. Raheem Mostert requests a trade
  127. 11th Annual ISH Money League
  128. TE Jordan Reed to the Niners
  129. Superbowl predictions?
  130. 66 players opt out of 2020 Season due to covid
  131. NFL football playoffs bubble?
  132. Ravens release Earl Thomas after punching teammate. Dallas favorites to sign him.
  133. Free 2020 ff league
  134. Giants re-sign starting center Jon Halapio
  135. Bengals sign RB Joe Mixon to extension
  136. Leonard Fournette to the Bucs
  137. Cam Newton to start at QB for Patriots?
  138. Seahawks re-sign WR Josh Gordon
  139. Adrian Peterson released
  140. NFL 2020 Week 1 Game Thread
  141. Cardinals just beat 49ers
  142. NFL 2020 Week 2 Game Thread
  143. Wilson is a top 5 QB that I've seen.
  144. gale Sayers dead 77 (RIP)
  145. NFL 2020 Week 3 Game Thread
  146. 10 Titan players test positive for COVID19
  147. NFL 2020 Week 4 Game Thread
  148. People sleeping on Tom Brady
  149. Dak Prescott is on pace to finish the season with 6,760 passing yards
  150. Dolphins season discussion
  151. NFL 2020 Week 5 Game Thread
  152. Leveon Bell joins the chiefs
  153. NFL 2020 Week 6 Game Thread
  154. The NFC least is the worst division I've seen ever
  155. NFL 2020 Week 7 Game Thread
  156. Antonio Brown to the Bucs
  157. Freshman Mertz - Badgers
  158. If the Houston Texans have the #1 Pick, what do they do with it?
  159. Cam Newton's performance as Patriots starting quarterback
  160. "We need more points"
  161. NFL 2020 Week 8 Game Thread
  162. If healthy Jimmy G is easily top 10
  163. NFL 2020 Week 9 Game Thread
  164. Best NFL wide receiver? Davante Adams says it's him
  165. NFL 2020 Week 10 Game Thread
  166. Tom Brady now the all-time NFL fantasy football scoring leader
  167. Saints QB Drew Brees has multiple injuries
  168. Top five NFL quarterbacks?
  169. Dolphins waive RB Jordan Howard
  170. people be SCHLEEPING on the Cards
  171. NFL 2020 Week 11 Game Thread
  172. NFL Week 12 Game Thread
  173. Most underrated NFL players?
  174. The rescheduled Ravens vs Steelers game
  175. All three Broncos quarterbacks returning from coronavirus tomorrow
  176. NFL Week 13 Game Thread
  177. The Cleveland Browns have their first winning season in 13 years
  178. Chiefs clinch playoff spot
  179. Patriots wallop the chargers 45-0
  180. Jets fire defensive coordinator Gregg Williams
  181. Tight End Kyle Rudolph's consecutive games played streak end
  182. The Eagles quarterback situation
  183. washington football team
  184. Jets cut kicker Sergio Castillo
  185. Lions center Frank Ragnow has a fractured throat
  186. Who deserve NFL MVP this year?
  187. Brady has finished the season with 40 TD passes, at age 43.
  188. GOAT Brady: 43 TDs at 43
  189. Official 2020-21 NFL Playoffs Discussion Thread
  190. Jets head coaching job
  191. Best wide receivers in the NFL?
  192. Was anyone else annoyed with the Nickelodean announcers?
  193. Itís safe to say Tom Brady isnít a system QB
  194. Packers
  195. Stop comparing Aaron Rodgers to Brady
  196. Bill Belichick
  197. Why does CBS have the super bowl this year and not NBC?
  198. Brady has now defeated 7 NFL MVPs in the postseason
  199. Official LV Super Bowl thread
  200. Matthew Stafford
  201. Deshaun Watson
  202. Lions just raped the Rams
  203. Eagles are a shit show
  204. Tom Brady 7 rings
  205. Gobb tomorrow be like
  206. Will Kevin Harlen have to apologize for his comments?
  207. Putting Tom Bradyís career into perspective
  208. If Tom Brady was black would he be praised?
  209. RIP Vincent Jackson
  210. Wentz will be another case study for how much weapons/coaching matter.
  211. BREAKING NEWS: JJ Wattz signs with Cardinals
  212. Dak is Back
  213. 2021 NFL Free Agency
  214. My Full 2 Round Mock Draft
  215. NFL Regular Season to Expand to 17 games
  216. 2021-22 NFL schedule info
  217. Aaron Rodgers wants out
  218. Better, worse, or the same in 2021
  219. Carl Nassib Comes out Of The Huddle
  220. Cowboys to be featured on 2021 Hard Knocks...
  221. Fantasy Football Discussion: 2021
  222. No thread on Brady playing the 2020 season with a torn MCL?
  223. Week 1 Game Thread
  224. Week 2 Game Thread
  225. Week 3 GT
  226. Urban already on the hotseat
  227. ESPN is in balls deep on Justin Fields
  228. Week 5 GT
  229. Jon Gruden resigned as Las Vegas headcoach
  230. Pete Carroll
  231. week 6 gt
  232. week 7 gt
  233. week 8
  234. Henry Ruggs charged with DUI and killing someone in an accident
  235. Aaron Rodgers
  236. week 9 gt
  237. week 10
  238. Week 11 GT
  239. Week 12 gt
  240. Week 13
  241. Belichick will win COTY, Brady will win MVP
  242. Demaryius Thomas found dead
  243. Week 14
  244. Deion Sanders just pick 6 FSU lol
  245. week 15
  246. week 16
  247. RIP John Madden
  248. Antonio Brown is still Antonio Brown
  249. week 17
  250. Who will win MVP?