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is the future, you heard it here first

NBA Comparison: Amar'e Stoudemire

Strengths: Man child. A physical specimen type of athlete with a huge wingspan, long legs and strength and agility at a young age ... He's already a beast inside the paint with his rebounding and shot blocking ability and shows the toughness and tenacity to be a dominant inside player ... Shows a natural feel for the game with good timing on shot blocks and explosive leaping ability ... Has a huge wingspan (7-feet-plus) ... Born in August of 1993, and with size 18 shoes, Drummond could have another growth spurt in him and could end up well over 7-feet ... Right hander who shows a solid form on his shot ... Right now he scores a lot of points around the basket on ally oops and put backs. He's also beginning to show some ability to create offense for himself and his post skills show a lot of potential ...

Weaknesses: Hype at a young age is never good ... He could end up his own worst enemy if he buys into the hype and decides he doesn't want to work hard to be the best player he can become ... He's so naturally gifted, that he can be a solid pro without putting much work in. Does he have the hunger to be great is the big question ... His range on his shot and consistency are something he will need to develop over the next few seasons ... Developing a killer instinct to take over games will allow him to become dominant at both ends of the floor ... Another key will be continuing to work at his body, getting stronger and putting on good weight.

Notes: Wears the same number as his idol (#12) Dwight Howard.

Where to start? Few players in America (pro or college) have combination of size, athletic ability and skill that he possesses. Anthing around the rim he catches and dunks, often times while getting fouled by two or more people. He has a hook and is comfortable near the basket with either hand. He can face and is not only a threat to shoot but he can drive with authority. Anywhere on the floor he's an adept passer which speaks to his basketball IQ. His reflexes around the ball and the rim are awesome. He's a super offensive rebounder and will get after it on the other side. Defensively, he's an intimidator. He blocks more shots by hanging around the paint and just being himself. He won't chase shots, but rather waits and gets them on the release, often times with the ability to swat a shot at its apex. He's an excellent leaper for his size and weight. He's one of the best in the country at keeping balls alive, tipping to himself and finishing the play.

With all the talent comes the expectation to play in a dominant fashion all the time. Drummond is not quite there yet. When he does "bring it" there's no question who the best in the class is or will be. Offensively, because of his skill level, he is prone to floating to the perimeter. His best games comes when he's anchored inside to start and then works his way to the perimeter if he goes there at all. He can shoot the basketball, though that's always an area to improve. Our concern has little to do with his ability or anything other than sheer consistency. When he chooses, he's the best there is. He's got to become comfortable with his body. One of the reasons why he's inconsistent is that like a lot of bigs before him (Greg Oden included) it often times takes them longer to adjust to being the biggest guy on the floor. Mix in referees calling touch fouls on a big guy and it often stunts, in their mind, their ability to be aggressive. In time he will adjust to his own size; he's too talented not too. There is also a need to refine his low post footwork.

Bottom Line:
Drummond has a chance to be one of the elite big men of the last decade. He doesn't turn 18 until August 2011. Big statement but because he's exponentially talented and more than capable of living up to the extreme expectations. He's a game changing recruit for a program who will have a chance to be the No. 1 overall player in any draft he's involved with.

Travel Team: Connecticut Basketball Club...North Carolina, Providence and Louisville are also involved...Averaged 15.0 points and 11.0 rebounds as a junior...2011 Gatorade Player of the Year in Connecticut...


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Is he participating in this years draft?

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Is he participating in this years draft?

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class of 2012

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lets get him

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lets get that nets pick and draft this fool

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or maybe get fab melo:oldlol: