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10-24-2013, 11:30 AM
Gay - Derozan

“People are going to criticize us or say we can’t play together, whatever, ever since he came,” DeRozan says. “We use that negativity as motivation.”

The Raptors’ wings are focused. They know they’re doubted and they’re anxious to get the season started and answer questions with their play.

“Me and Rudy are like the same person with the same type of attitude, same everything,” DeRozan says. “I kind of look at him like an older brother.”


Well now - lets all hope this exceeds our low expectations.

Perhaps Vince Tmac was never destined to be but Gay Derozan are the second coming of MJ Pippen ?

10-25-2013, 03:51 PM
Perhaps Vince Tmac was never destined to be but Gay Derozan are the second coming of MJ Pippen ?

Wow I thought I would have had a dozen flames on that comment alone :cheers:

I dont really consider Gay-Derozan to be Jordon - Pippen. Really.

But on the other hand it may well be as good or prove better that the much fantisized Vince - TMac that never happened.

But given the pieces mixed in this team I am not sure what I see yet.

I expected a half court plodding offense - give it the Demar in isolation - give it to Rudy in isolation offence.

Most of the press and preseason (not a great indicator) seems to promise a running style o... greyhounds. Val for example can run as a big man.

Any of you got a firm idea of what the o-scheme will be ? You seeing things clearly that I am not?

10-25-2013, 04:11 PM
The thing about Gay-Derozan is that there's not a clear cut difference in their positions as there was with a VC-Tmac. Vince and T-mac (if ego's could've been kept in check) had a chance to be something special because they both brought different things to the table. Gay-Derozan bring a lot of similar things to the table and one is just better at them than the other. Also, VC and T-Mac were superstars, Gay and Derozan are not. You can at best call them borderline all-stars (moreso Gay than Derozan). I won't even address the MJ/Pippen comment because it was obviously ridiculous.

11-12-2013, 05:36 PM
Rudy Gay thus far is shooting a whopping 35% from the field. He's pretty much been horrible at everything but rebounding. Demar Derozan is shooting 36% from the field so this gawd aweful combination is just getting worse.