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10-29-2013, 11:44 AM

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Los Angeles Clippers(0-0) @
Los Angeles Lakers(0-0)

WHEN: Tuesday, October 29th, 2013, at 7:30 PM Pacific/10:30 Eastern
WHERE: Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
MEDIA: Prime Ticket | ESPN
Clippers Last Game: N/A
Lakers Last Game: N/A


Injury Report
Maalik Wayns (Knee Surgery) is OUT. Darren Collison (Bruised Knee Cap) is DAY-TO-DAY

Injury Report
Kobe Bryant (Torn Achilles) is OUT. Chris Kaman (Illness) & Steve Nash (Neck) WILL PLAY.

Keys For The Clippers:

Control The Tempo. This has all the makings of a major trap game. Huge favorites, brand new coaching regime on a technical road game against guys trying to either show they still belong in the league, or that they just belong period. Can not let the Lakers stay in the game and build confidence.
Rebound The Basketball. This was one of the biggest woes for the Clippers for the past few seasons. Jordan has improved greatly, expecting that to continue for the Clip show. Lakers aren't a good rebounding team, can't give them many 2nd chance opportunities.
Let Nick Young Chuck. Young has been spewing a lot of trash. Nothing would be sweeter than him taking 18 shots to score 15 points. Would also help the rebounding numbers of Jordan and Blake as well, to boot.

Keys For The Lakers

Fast Start. Lakers can NOT allow the Clippers to start the game off in a hurry, or they will be in for a long night. A bunch of new role players that understand their roles, should allow for Nash and Pau to get back to something more than just a shell of their past selves.
Bully The Paint. Clippers lost to Memphis in the post season due to the Houdini act of everyone but Chris Paul (and to an extent, Eric Bledsoe), but the controlling of the key by the Grizzlies was overlooked by some. Lakers need to keep the Clippers out of the paint at all costs, while attacking it themselves.
Close Out On Shooters. Last year, the Clippers had shooters. This year, they have SHOOTERS. Blake, Young, Wesley, Henry, Meeks and Co. can not allow any of the Clippers wing guys to have open looks or else one can expect a monsoon.

Q's Prediction: Clippers Win 108-93
Q's Prediction Record: 0-0

10-30-2013, 12:26 PM
Clippers stood still a lot
And their offense wasn't very creative. Just mostly spreading the floor

No alarm yet, just game one though