View Full Version : Forbes : We're number 18 we're number 18 !

01-23-2014, 06:34 PM

Dont know if you saw the teaser at CNNSI.

Forbes did its survey again. Its actually interesting.

Estimate value wise the Raptors come in at number 18 ; $520Million USD placed between the Jazz and the Cavs. Mostly behind "sunshine based teams" and of course the gorilla's like the Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, Heat.

However if you sort the ranking based on (estimated) Revenue or Operating Income the Raptors rank about 12th and just under the Miami Heat in some respects.

Part of this value calculation seems to be the team leverage or debt coming into play. That is just a little ironic given (1) the amount of money paid by the Bell Rogers partnership to buy Teachers and (2) the cash windfall from selling old Maple Leaf Gardens. Note the debt on the books is purely accounting as they are into Real Estate development, Sports bars, etc.

Does it mean anything to the actual team or fan base ?

If the Raps are truly near the top 10 or at least top half of NBA revenues and operating income... then damn it invest in your fan base. Maybe not for ever but try a couple years in the red or breakeven to generate long term loyalty.

Dear MLSE spend over the cap a couple of years and take a shot. The Blue Jays did and while the season was a disappointment at least the attendence and fan interest peaked for the first time in years.