View Full Version : Misc... interviews on the weekend..

04-07-2014, 11:39 AM
You can see it practically everywhere. Bleacher Report, other websites, rumors here @ InsideHoops.

1) MU and TL assure GeorgeST that Toronto can resign KLow.

"..a mature relationship during the season, an integral part of the franchsie".

Sounds like the money, years have already been mostly nailed down. I would guestimate 12, 11.3, 10.6, and 10 over 4 years

2) TL the President has a sit down with Vince Carter while in Dallas.

- they cant say much as it would be tampering
- Vince says we wants to resign with Dallas
- Vince says he is open to signing in Toronto

I guess this may answer the acedemic debate a few threads ago about resigning Salmons, and Toronto cap space - roster size.

I presume this means Vince comes back for a 2 (3?) year deal ? Dallas may not offer a 2 (3?) years deal. That would take Vince through the Raptor franchise anniversary AND the all star game as "vetern ambassador". The 3? could be an option thingy...