View Full Version : 14 Clippers Appreciation Thread

05-22-2014, 12:39 AM

This clippers team had their best season ever with 57 wins. Advanced to tha west semis with being led by All starz Cp3 and Earthquake Blake. Jamal Crawford won another 6th man of tha year award. Doc Rivers in his first year as coach proved he was still one of tha best coaches in tha league and mad history by being tha first coach to cover tha lakers banners while his team play. Clippers became pacific div champs that year and still did ok in tha playoffs even thru tha whole Donald sterling racist remarks drama. Good thing he got fired after his remarks. Clippers were only a thru bad calls away from tha west finals but season MVP Durant and thunder prevailed. Tha clippers never been further than this and this what makes this team tha best clippers team ever:applause: :cheers:

What do you appreciate about this team?