View Full Version : 13 Grizzlies Appreciation Thread

05-22-2014, 01:06 AM

In 2012-13 tha grizzlies weren't expected to do what they did, especially with a 3- team trade that sent Rudy Gay to tha raptors in exchange for Prince. Tha Grizzlies had another good season led by all star Marc Gasol with help from conley, and Randolph. Tha grizzlies first surprised people by beating tha up and coming clippers that had stars cp3 and blake griffin. Then OKC'S westbrook got injured for tha rest of tha playoffs cuz of rockets guard Beverly in their first round matchup. Durant as great as he was couldn't get by tha crucial defense of tha grizzlies which was led by tony allen a known Durant stopper. They defeated tha thunder and advanced to their only western finals. Tha greatness of tha spurs slowed tha grizzlies down and swept them but this grizzlies team was indeed a great underdog team that deserved respect:applause: :cheers:

What do you appreciate about these underdogs?