View Full Version : 12 Thunder Appreciation Thread

05-22-2014, 05:49 AM

This is bar far tha best ever OKC team that existed. Tha 2011-12 Thunder were determined to get further and further as they shocked Tha spurs by defeating them in 6 games in tha west finals after being down 0-2 against them. They went to tha finals and lost in 5 games to tha Miami cheat and yes Lebronna and superfriends did cheated but Tha Thunder definitely played their best ball led by 3-time scoring champ and all star Durant with help from all star westbrook, harden, and Ibaka. This young team had a lot of fight and would of won tha title that spring if it weren't for tha refs. This team iz one of tha best in my book:applause: :cheers:

What do you appreciate about this young good team?