View Full Version : 02 Kings Appreciation Thread

05-22-2014, 06:33 PM

Tha 2001-02 Kings were tha best sacramento team of all timez and there should be no argument about it. Tha Kings were led by all star C-Webb with help from Bibby, Divac and peja. They went all tha way to tha west finals for tha one time only but lost in 7 games to Shaq and Kobe's lakers. That series was one of tha most controversial series all time, and have a sincere legitimate beef on how they got robbed by officials. Kings really could of won their title that year and that's something to think about. 02 Kings were that great and had tha number one seed at that being pacific div champs in a very tough west defeating teams like Dirk and Nash's Mavs. This team definitely deserves acknowledgement for being one of tha best ever:applause: :cheers:

What do you appreciate about this amazing team?