View Full Version : 2013-14 Toronto Raptors in Review Mix - "It's just the beginning"

06-03-2014, 03:08 AM

Video isn't by me, but the narrative is what I definitely feel connected to and wanted to share.

Say what you want about how things could have ended up for the Raptors during the course of the season, but what can't be measured is how both this team and it's fan base railed behind them and proved (at least for a moment's sake) a lot of naysayers wrong.

It's a very likable team, for the most part, and it definitely has the upside to get better considering how young the core pieces are (DeMar, Kyle, Jonas, Terrence, Amir, Patrick and Greivis) and what could possibly be added to it further. I haven't had this much confidence in the management... maybe ever ?

And it's not just the players, but the coaching staff that has improved. All of them will be back next year. Nick Nurse controls a very deceptive offense (Horns) and the Raptors had a Top 10 offense all season after the Rudy Gay trade. Jesse Mermuys is a young coach and is developing very well with player personal. Tom Sterner is the one who will give the "we can do it speeches". Bill Bayno is in charge developing the young big men and has done a solid job bringing along Jonas. Jama Mahlalela is key to all player development and 6 of the players on this team had career years this season.

And off course, Dwane Casey is the strategy between a solid defensive game and has actually improved very well. He might very well be the best coach the Raptors ever had. Say what you want about his extension, even I would possibly thought of going in another direction... but I would say he has done a great job overall with the hand he has given. Next season will be a pretty good test for him to see how he handles added pressure.

I think this team could definitely be on the rise as a sleeper team, much like Washington, if they play their cards right. It's about time we all feel at least some hope again... but hope can be dangerous. Can this team finally get the long term results necessary for a city starving for success that it hasn't seen since 2004 and eventually an elusive title that hasn't come since 1993 ?

Let's all enjoy the ride, where ever it goes.