View Full Version : Dear Pacers Fans: Meticode Video: Paul George "Victorious: Come Back Stronger"

08-02-2014, 10:33 PM
Dear Pacer Fans,

I wanted to share some positiveness with you on InsideHoops. Something that of which is a rare occurrence more and more seemingly. In light of Paul George's injury it's going to be a tough, upcoming season for the Pacers and their fans. I made this video to give Pacers fans out there goosebumps in regards to what a great basketball player Paul George is and to give hope looking forward. I wish Mr. George a speedy recovery and a healthy one. Even though the video is only a little over two minutes long, I put a lot of time in to getting the timing exactly right with the music to give you the euphoric feeling I was trying to go for so you could appreciate it even more. Even though my heart is in Cleveland, I've lived closer to Indianapolis over half my life and I've always rooted for that franchise in the back of my mind since I was a teenager. The Pacers have some exceptional blue collar fans and always have. I do ask one favor from all you. To tweet the heck out of this to Paul George so he might watch it to get him motivated even more to come back to help keep this great basketball league competitive. I hope you enjoy and appreciate it the video!