View Full Version : Brett Brown on Ronald Roberts

10-02-2014, 08:47 PM
Roberts opened eyes, and mouths, with his performances for the Sixers in the Orlando Summer League. He is a bundle of energy who is around the ball like a fly on trash. He uses his tremendous leaping ability to disrupt on the defensive end and to keep rebounds alive on the offensive side. While he is somewhat limited at the offensive end, he has a knack for getting his team multiple possessions.

"I think he's a [Kenneth] Faried wannabe," said Brown, referring to the Denver forward nicknamed "Manimal." "We wish he would be that. He's a good kid. He'll come in and he's one of the many high flyers that we have in the program. He's extremely athletic, extremely energized. We'll try to grow him into try to understanding that he can have an effect in the NBA."

-- Philadelphia Daily News