View Full Version : Masai on the Fan590 last night...

10-16-2014, 08:45 AM
All Sports Talk Radio Toronto. Don't know if you can stream it or see Bobcat McCowan and Stephen Brunt on local affliliates.

1) Is in Europe scouting trip but would not reveal where he was :cheers: I guess there are still jems to be discovered ala Bruno.

2) Importantly Bruno will stay with team and limited minutes. There was an "acknowledgement" that they want to groom him in D League ; but because the Raptors are one of more than a dozen teams sharing one affiliate ..... it means it just cannot happen. Has to be scheduled and worked in.

< Opinion :the Raptors really really need to do something on a D league team ala Rochester for example. if they don't want to fund it alone surely they can hook up with some other conference rival to share a D league team between 2 franchises>