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10-25-2014, 01:56 AM
This is where the Power Rankings will be posted every Monday (starting upcoming Monday 10/27).

These Power Rankings will be based upon this in order of importance:

1) Recent Play
2) Season Play
3) Player talent level

I am using a computer program to do these power rankings so things will be objective as possible. If you think you are ranked too low, win and you will go higher, and so on. Since the rankings are mostly computerized, my analysis won't be that big of a component and but I will add a few words here and there.

So anyways check them out every Monday!

10-25-2014, 03:20 AM
back from the DEAD! PW Rankings!!!!!!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :banana:


10-25-2014, 10:48 AM
back from the DEAD! PW Rankings!!!!!!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :banana:


Just hope it doesn't fizzle out in 2 months like the last few times people tried to do PR's :D

Pistol Pete
10-25-2014, 06:44 PM
Just hope it doesn't fizzle out in 2 months like the last few times people tried to do PR's :D

SHOTS FIRED!!!... wait a second, I did the power rankings, damn, :(

10-27-2014, 04:49 AM
SHOTS FIRED!!!... wait a second, I did the power rankings, damn, :(

10-27-2014, 01:11 PM
Week 1 Power Rankings

1. Keep Floatin' 0-0: So far the team to beat. Westbrook and Melo give him the best duo in the league. And he has great depth. Deserving #1.

2. Iamgine 0-0: Finished 2nd last year and starts 2nd this year. He has built his team in his style and once again will be tough to beat on a week to week basis

3. Dream Team 0-0: Led by Curry and a monster duo in the paint of Drummond/Jordan, team well rounded inside out and should be a strong contender.

4. DRAKE 0-0: Later pick in the draft but makes the most of it. Another well-rounded team, great guards, forwards, and centers. Bench is the only concern right now. Otherwise with Wall/Ellis backcourt and a bunch of solid bigman, one of the stronger teams.

5. NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 0-0: Had #1 pick of the draft and by default gave himself a strong player to build around in LBJ. He did though add some solid players around James including Rondo/Batum in the backcourt, and Gasol/Lopez inside. Really can't hate on this team with James and a good supporting cast should be contending.

6. Big Poppa PUMPIN 0-0: Another good team that so far seems playoff caliber. Chris Paul was a steal at #6. Gave himself good guards and forwards, however centers seem questionable. Will need MCW to return and stay healthy to get any higher than this.

7. Pocahontas 0-0: Another well rounded team that is playoff caliber. Did actually a pretty god job drafting and didn't leave any holes on his team across the roster. Got some good picks late as well. Got some good upside players and could very well be Top 5 soon.

8. 313 0-0: Defending champ comes in and takes Durant Top 3 giving us a clue of his plans. Despite that he still surprisingly did a good job drafting his team and its not like he is lost before Durant returns. However that Oladipo trade gives him 2 injury liabilities now and things maybe tough before he starts getting healthier. Still a solid team.

9. TysonChandlerParsons 0-0: Lost his 1st round pick but has talent from top to bottom. Many not quite superstar but still top tier players on his roster like Milsap, Dirk, Lowry, etc. It is still a little concerning to not see a superstar player but things may still work out for him. Has good potential to be a playoff team.

10. Rameek's Year! 0-0: The Griffin/Aldridge duo is arguably the best bigman duo in the league. But aside from that this team is questionable. No one really sticks out as being a good pick and most of this season maybe an uphill battle for this team.

11. Overdosed 0-0: Aside from Anthony Davis, another team which had questionable picks each round. But does have a lot of young players so his team has great potential, but it can also be really bad. Davis is the only one holding this team together though and probably the only reason he isn't ranked bottom 2.

12. Sizz 0-0: Actually could be ranked higher, Ibaka/Jefferson give him arguably the best bigman duo in the league. Got a lot of other good forwards and bigmen as well. But where he lacks is guards, huge hole there. Also bench and other later picks not looking too good.

13. G-Train 0-0: I mean a lot of his players have great upside...but he better hope the upside actual happens. Because otherwise this team is destined for a bottom 2 season. Love/Bosh is a strong bigman duo but many of the rest have question marks. Again, still has great upside and if things workout could be a playoff team.

14. Team OJ Mayo 0-0: Um if you just stare at his roster for a second...you will understand.

Matchup of the Week

2 Iamgine 0-0 vs. 7 Pocahontas 0-0

10-27-2014, 03:10 PM
Hopefully the power rankings provide a good reality check to some lol

Not happy about my spot, will work my way to #1

10-27-2014, 04:37 PM
so we def know I ain't winning shat. FML

Good PW premier tho :cheers: :rockon:

10-27-2014, 05:46 PM

Pistol Pete
10-27-2014, 06:01 PM
Quality write up, actually agree with most of what you wrote, solid analysis, thanks for taking the time to contribute your thoughts and attempting to make the league more enjoyable, look forward to next week.

Pistol Pete
10-27-2014, 06:02 PM

I thought he was kind to that steaming pile of shit you call a "team" :oldlol:

10-27-2014, 07:53 PM
I thought he was kind to that steaming pile of shit you call a "team" :oldlol:
My team had more risk and less upside last year and finished 7th despite injuries to Bledsoe,Sanders and MCW. This is because I know how to build a team and manage. If my draft is just a bit better than last years mediocre draft, this is the #1 team in the league.


10-27-2014, 08:35 PM
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

LOL the two teams to finish last year on winning streak at 8 and 11?!?

Definitely :biggums: status

10-28-2014, 03:02 PM
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

LOL the two teams to finish last year on winning streak at 8 and 11?!?

Definitely :biggums: status
You will lose your streak Week 1

10-28-2014, 03:58 PM
You will lose your streak Week 1


10-30-2014, 06:13 PM
I like the Canadian Versions of the power rankings better if not them then Stat.... At least they had substance even if you agreed or not.

A lazy Power Rankings effort nothing personal just gotta step it up guy.

11-01-2014, 02:55 PM
I like the Canadian Versions of the power rankings better if not them then Stat.... At least they had substance even if you agreed or not.

A lazy Power Rankings effort nothing personal just gotta step it up guy.

I'm striving for accuracy and continuity here. This is the only way they will continue to get updated week to week. Plus it's hard to give analysis when the rankings are not even come up from you. Think of these as like the College BCS/AP ranking system.

11-03-2014, 02:36 PM
Week 2 Power Rankings

1.() Keep Floatin 1-0: Was the #1 team ranked team heading into Week 1 and at the end of Week 1 is also the #1 team in the standings. Russell Westbrook's injury hurts, but still overall the team to beat. Not sure though how long he can hold his #1 spot with Westbrook out.

2.()Iamgine 1-0: Was in the matchup of the week and delivered. But it was pretty close barely winning 5-4, strategy seemed to work well though winning 3s/Ast/Stl/FT%. Will have a lot of "close" wins.

3.() Dream Team 1-0: Dominant effort to send a message Week 1 that he belongs here. Never trailed throughout the week and even started resting his players at the end of the week. No difference 7-2 win.

4.() DRAKE 1-0: Wasn't really the most impressive performance but got it done against an underrated OJ Mayo team. John Wall was huge but it was really his big men that got the job done and powered him to the 5-4 win.

5.(+3) 313 1-0: Defending champ proves his team is still great without Durant and Oladipo in an impressive Week 1 win. Got to give him the benefit of the doubt as he was the champion last year and climbs into the Top 5 of the Power Rankings now.

6.(+4) Rameek's Year! 1-0: Had an upset win against the previous #5 ranked team and moves up 4 spots. The Griffin Aldridge duo was very strong for him anchoring his team for the win. It remains to be seen if he can win on a consistent basis, has a good opportunity to go 2-0 with OJ next.

7.() Pocahontas 0-1: Sure lost week 1 but had a competitive week against one of the top teams keeping it close and losing 5-4, including losing by just 1 steal. Unfortunately, next week it is against another top team. Luckily this team is missing a 1st rounder so has a shot to upset.

8.(-3) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 0-1: Need LeBron to come alive and play more. I still feel like he has a deep team and a superstar in LeBron so he should get going, next week is a good importunity against a weak opponent.

9.(-3) Big Poppa PUMPIN 0-1: Kept it close all week but really there was no excuse for losing against a team missing 2 of his best players all week. Sure he had his own share of injuries, but nothing like missing KD. Desperately needs to redeem himself in another matchup he is the favorite next week.

10.(+3) G-Train 1-0: Had an impressive win to get started on the right foot for the season. It was kind of close but Bosh & Love may end up being the best big man combo in the league. Will need these 2 to play at that high level all season to be a legit playoff contender.

11.(-2) TysonChandlerParsons 0-1: Got pretty much dominated all week but it was against a good opponent. Lowry hasn't seemed to show up for his team yet, gets a chance this week to go against an easier opponent in hopes for his 1st win. Is the underdog though but should be closer.

12.(+2) Team OJ Mayo 0-1: You have to give him some props he kept it very close against one of the Top 4 teams. There are still many question marks for his team and faces another respectable opponent again. A win this week could boost his team's reputation considerably, until then...still winless.

13.(-2) Overdosed 0-1: Losing to the previous #13 ranked team 6-3 has brought him down to 6-3. Granted his loss was close, but it was still unfortunate to see him lose despite Klay and Davis's big performances. Could have a long season ahead.

14.(-2) Sizz 0-1: Inactive enough said

Matchup of the Week

3 Dream Team 1-0 vs. 4 DRAKE 1-0

Pistol Pete
11-03-2014, 03:21 PM
Good effort Glove, glad to see the opinion of a master, thanks for taking the effort to share your thoughts. Look forward to reading next week!

11-03-2014, 06:57 PM
I'm striving for accuracy and continuity here. This is the only way they will continue to get updated week to week. Plus it's hard to give analysis when the rankings are not even come up from you. Think of these as like the College BCS/AP ranking system.
Look you been out the loop for a while. Its not a knock on you really its just that these guys has taken these power rankings to levels that you are unaware of. You get an A for effort and taking your time on it. But O Canada to Zona have been doing these on a pro level.

11-10-2014, 03:10 AM


11-10-2014, 02:14 PM
Week 3 Power Rankings

1. (+1) Iamgine 2-0: Got a dominant 6-2 win over a formerly 1-0 team. Was highly ranked preseason and is showing why as he is the new #1 and team to beat.

2. (+1) Dream Team 2-0: Was in the matchup of the week and found a way to sneak by a 5-4 win. Has not trailed all season long. Recent injuries may hurt though.

3. (+3) Rameek's Year! 2-0: Give the man some credit, only team who has won 6 or more categories both weeks. His Aldridge Griffin duo continue to anchor his team but has a great supporting cast around them with plenty of talent. His schedule hasn't been too tough so far, upcoming games will be real test.

4. (+1) 313 2-0: Defending champ sneaks by another win and is off to a very impressive 2-0 start. Quite remarkable he is doing this without Durant and Oladipo. Has had pretty easy matchups Week 1 and 2, will get true test to prove he is a good team without Durant this week.

5. (+2) Pocahontas 1-1: You have to give credit where its due and its deserved here. Knocked off the top seed this week, and even last week kept it very close to the top seed right now. The Cousins Nikola combination is showing no mercy while Hayward seems to be a steal. Could be in the Top 5 for a while now.

6. (-2) DRAKE 1-1: At first it seemed like he was going to get blown out but stayed in there and took only a 5-4 loss. He has a bunch of bigs to keep him competitive inside and Reggie Jackson's return has made his guards look like a good group as well. Good combination team will get another test this week against #3.

7. (-6) Keep Floatin 1-1: Huge drop for this team. Might have a tough time staying floating with Westbrook out and Melo has not quite lived up to expectations. Still has a great amount of talent and this week will test if he does indeed belong at the Top 7 rather than bottom.

8. (+3) TysonChandlerParsons 1-1: Impressed last week showing maybe he doesn't belong with the worst. His team played much better as Lowry and Dirk carried him to victory. Still a littel banged up with Noah and Beverley hurting. Luckily easy test this week.

9. (+4) Overdosed 1-1: Have to give credit where its due, had a pretty solid victory where he was simply overwhelming. Davis continues to anchor his team while Sullinger looks like a steal. Hasn't really had a tough schedule so far and that trend will continue this week.

10. () G-Train 1-1: After an impressive Week 1 win, was just not enough against top seeded Iamgine in week 2. It was competitive all week but simply did not have the firepower to win the matchup. Has an easier matchup this week against a more mediocre team as he tries to prove he is part of the better half of the league not worse.

11. (-3) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 0-2: One of the early season dissapointments. Much of that has to do with his top pick not quite living up to the hype. Still has one of the deepest rosters but just hasn't really proven much. Next week will be another touch challenge.

12. (-3) Big Poppa PUMPIN 0-2: Team is simply too beat up right now. Has had a beating handed to him both weeks now. Fortunately, some players are getting healthier and should put his team at a healthier state than it was before. Almost a must-win but is against a tough opponent this week.

13. (-1) Team OJ Mayo 0-2: Just got blown out Week 2 quite simply. Granted it was against a good opponent. Some of his stars are actually playing a little better than expected, so there are signs of promise he is better than his current ranking, but just has faced some good oponents so far. Catches a small break this week against a more mediocre opponent.

14. () Sizz 0-2: Missing draft seems to be his biggest fault so far, actually kept it competitive Week 2 for the most part. Has some solid bigs, but just a imbalanced team right now.

11-10-2014, 03:50 PM
Matchup of the Week

4 313 2-0 vs. 5 Pocahontas 1-1

Storyline: The defending champ's win streak continues to now 13 (?) games. Most impressive is he is continuing it without his superstar player Kevin Durant. This week he faces his biggest test of the season, against Skywalker's #5 Pochontas which just knocked off one formerly undefeated team. Pocahontas tries to do the same this week in the matchup of the week.

11-10-2014, 07:29 PM
We can only pray that Iamgine keeps winning.

11-11-2014, 12:32 PM

11-17-2014, 02:17 PM
Week 4 Power Rankings

1. () Iamgine 2-0: "Dissapointingly" had a tie this week. He was winning all week but just could not close it out thanks to a Lin choke job. Oh well, still is the only team not to lose this year and thus still holds the top spot.

2. (+3) Pocahontas 2-1: Could be up here for a while now, made some big trades that have made his roster the most talented in the league. Win this week was against a previously undefeated team but led by Cousins/Nikola and Hayward in the perimeter barely pulled through. This will be his 1st full week with his new team and it looks scary.

3. (+3) DRAKE2-1: Was one of the biggst winners this week with a big bounceback victory dominating the previous #3 seed 7-2 to take his position. Was just too big for his opponent and Reggie Jackson's good run right now has made his guards very competitive as well. Next week's opponent shouldn't be too difficult either as he has finally proven himself to be more than mediocre.

4. (+3) Keep Floatin 2-1: Just when things were starting to look lost for this team he bounces back. He got a good win against a mediocre team proving his team is actually still in the upper half without Westbrook. Once Russell returns his team is as good as anyones.

5. (+3) TysonChandlerParsons 2-1: Time to give credit where its due, has looked better than anyone in the past 2 weeks. His roster is full of studs and despite not having a legit 1st rounder has a good all-around team. Some of his players are still off to slow starts so things may only get better from here. Schedule recently hasn't been too challenging so finally gets a test this week to see how good his team really is.44

6. (-2) 313 2-1: The defending champs long win streak finally ends. Give him some props though he kept it close and lost by just 1 assist at the end to a Top 2 team. Kind of hard to imagine how good this team could be when Durant comes back, but in the meantime Oladipo's return should help.

7. (-5) Dream Team 2-1: Got unexpectedly smacked around against one of the more bottom ranked teams. Prior to this week had not trailed all year, but this week trailed all week. Luckily faces another team to hopefully get it going again.

8. (-5) Rameek's Year! 2-1: After a hot start to the season finally got put in his place. Sure a lot of this blame goes to Griffin and Aldridge only playing twice last week, but getting a 7-2 beat down is still tough. A more winnable matchup next week.

9. (+3) Big Poppa PUMPIN 1-2: Has jumped back into relevancy with a strong 6-3 win. He was in control all week and now that he has gotten healthier seems to once again display he possibly has a playoff contender team. Another challenge awaits this week however as we still try to figure out exactly how good this team is healthy.

10. (+1) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 0-2: Couldn't quite pull out his 1st win, but the Kobe trade help him tie points and tie the #1 ranked team for the week. Thats definately a positive sign after the struggles the 1st 2 weeks. Hopes to keep this up against another strong opponent upcoming this week.

11. (+2) Mayo Team For Sale! 1-2: Was one of the biggest surprise wins this week. Despite destroying his team with a trade, a manager change sparked a comeback win to get his 1st win. Team still looks like it lacks talent, but hopefully the more competitive trend with the new manager continues.

12. (-2) G-Train 1-2: Didn't necessarily have the worst week, kept it competitive against a relatively good team, but a loss is a loss. A lot of players are not playing up to par, and its beginning to look questionable if Bosh & Love can get the job done.

13. (-4) Team Fournicator 1-2: After looking great last week had a very disturbing loss losing against a team that went through a crisis and was up for sale. If you can't win these games can you really make playoffs? Going against a middle level team this week trying to redeem and still prove he might be playoff caliber.

14. () Sizz 0-3: Only team which has lost all 3 games. Enough said.

Matchup of the Week

2 Pocahontas 2-1 vs. 5 TysonChandlerParsons 2-1

Storyline: 2 teams who started 0-1 and now are 2-1. In fact, believe it or not, they are tied for the longest win streak right now. However, after this week only 1 team will keep that streak alive. We finally get to see a full action of Sky's new team to get a better feeling of how good it is, and it will come against an opponent that has multiple studs and has figured things out since the opening week loss.

11-24-2014, 01:58 AM
This should be interesting. Time to build a new computer.


11-24-2014, 02:25 AM
PW rankings cancelled until further notice

11-24-2014, 04:53 AM
PW rankings cancelled until further notice

Computer in for repairs. I understand. :applause:

11-24-2014, 03:20 PM
PW rankings cancelled until further notice
Lmao you smelly weasel. The team u were talking the most shit about beats ya now u cancel PW rankings lmao. Great squad you have built :)

11-24-2014, 07:09 PM
I'm striving for accuracy and continuity here. This is the only way they will continue to get updated week to week. Plus it's hard to give analysis when the rankings are not even come up from you. Think of these as like the College BCS/AP ranking system.

There isn't much continuity if you stop the rankings as soon as you take losses.. Regardless of who writes them, people do appreciate the power rankings you know, the least you could do is man up after a horrible loss (which isn't easy to do, but is at least admirable) instead of just proving that you are nothing but a frontrunner.

11-25-2014, 01:20 AM
There isn't much continuity if you stop the rankings as soon as you take losses.. Regardless of who writes them, people do appreciate the power rankings you know, the least you could do is man up after a horrible loss (which isn't easy to do, but is at least admirable) instead of just proving that you are nothing but a frontrunner.

Who said anything about stopping because of losses? :confusedshrug:

Statman is right my computer is away for repairs

11-25-2014, 05:26 AM
Who said anything about stopping because of losses? :confusedshrug:

Statman is right my computer is away for repairs

How long is the computer expected to be under repair for? :cheers:

11-25-2014, 12:24 PM
How long is the computer expected to be under repair for? :cheers:
Until he wins again:facepalm :cheers: :roll:

11-25-2014, 04:37 PM
Until he wins again:facepalm :cheers: :roll:
Better yet, until he matches up with the bottom feeder of the league and attempts to beat him. If sizz beats him twice, we won't hear from glove again :roll: :roll: :roll:

11-26-2014, 04:56 PM
Week 5 Power Rankings

1. (+4) TysonChandlerParsons 3-1: Since the opening week loss, has simply been dominant. The scores have been 6-3, 8-1, and 6-3 in his favor. Prior to this week you could say he has been beating weak opponents, but he proved he is a serious contender with this latest win. Now the question is how long can he hold the top spot.

2. (+2) Keep Floatin 3-1: No Westbrook? Still no problem. It's amazing how well his team has been playing without his best player as he wins his 2nd straight. Westrbook's injury is the only reason he is not #1 right now but that may change soon.

3. (-1) Pocahontas 2-2: Had a dissapointing loss against one of the top teams. Still has had a very rough schedule the past 2 weeks being featured in the matchup of the week. Was able to deliver last week but didn't fare so well this week. Will be happy to know he is not in the matchup of the week this week and gets a breather.

4. (-3) Iamgine 2-1: Finally received his 1st loss ending his 3 week run as the #1 seed of the league. The loss was rather unexpected against one of the supposedly worse teams in the leagues. Either way, staying at top for 3 weeks is impressive and you still have to give this team respect. There is some concern though as he was able to get no wins in the past 2 weeks against not so great opponents.

5. (+4) Big Poppa PUMPIN 2-2: After a rough start to the season, back in the top 6 where he started in the pre-season rankings. It took some time but he was able to prove his team is a playoff contender knocking off 2 highly ranked opponents back to back weeks. The Lawson & Paul duo was the key to victory this week as they were too good at racking up the assists leading this team to victory.

6. (-3) DRAKE2-2: Was one of the many teams this week to get upset, he had a bad start and almost cameback and won but just couldn't finish. Has been on a W-L-W-L pattern, luckily for him it means a win next.

7. (-1) 313 2-2: After losing his 1st game ending his long win streak, defending champ losses another one. The losses however have been pretty close losing 5-4 each time, couldn't have asked for an easier opponent this week facing the last place team.

8. (+3) Slingers' Den 2-2: The manager switch has completely switched around this team. He has knocked of the previous #1 this week in maybe the biggest upset this year. Next week however is another top 2 opponent, can he do it again?

9. (+3) G-Train 2-2: Ended a 2 game losing streak with an upset win over the defending champion. Chris Bosh continues to anchor this team and looked like a legit 1st rounder so far. There is still much to prove for this team as he still hasn't crossed the Top 6, but a win this week against the #1 ranked team can change everything.

10. (+3) Team Fournicator 2-2: Had one of the biggest surprising wins last week demolishing's Rameek's squad. Another team with plenty of unknowns but just having Anthony Davis on his team has kept his team together. He still hasn't proven enough to be considered a playoff contender however a win this week can change everything.

11. (-4) Dream Team 2-2: Another team that was part of the upset train. This team led at the end of each day all week besides Monday morning in a heartbreaking loss. Has played well against good opponents but struggled against the bottom leaving this team in an unknown state. Fortunately he faces a top team this week.

12. (-4) Rameek's Year! 2-2: The impressive 2-0 start has become an ugly 2-2 now. Last 2 weeks haven't even been close and this week he goes against another tough team. Starting to get a few injuries and to be honest Aldridge and Griffin may not be enough to keep this team in the playoff race.

13. (+1) Sizz 1-3: Got his 1st win despite all the inactivity. Got to give him some credit for that. Still needs to be more active if he wants to climb any higher than the bottom 2.

14. (-4) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 0-3: Only team without a win enough said.

Matchup of the Week

2 Keep Floatin 3-1 vs. 8 Slingers' Den 2-2

Storyline: Keep floatin has done more than just float through the start of the season without Westbrook as he remains one of the top 2 teams in the league. He will get a solid challenge this week with the new manager change DZW who is now 2-0 in the weeks he has managed. Can DZW pull of another shocking upset? Or will the task of taking down 2 top 2 opponents in 2 weeks be 2 much.

11-26-2014, 05:00 PM
Completely disagree with my ranking but it is the lowest I will be all year. Time to stop fu*ucking around and get some statement wins.

11-26-2014, 07:22 PM
Good stuff with the PR's, keep it coming! :cheers:

11-27-2014, 04:06 AM
The biggest differences between the PR's.

PLR +3 (coming off 2 wins)
DZW +3 (coming off 2 wins)
Gtrain +3 (coming off a win)
Stat -4 (coming off a win)
Rameek -4 (coming off 2 losses)

The biggest differences between this PR and the actual standings

Sky +6 (coming off a loss)
DZW +3 (coming off 2 wins)
Pete -3 (coming off a loss)
Stat -6 (coming off a win)
Glove -6 (coming off 2 losses)

3 things stick out eh?

1. Compared to the other PR, Stat is 4 spots lower despite coming off a win.
2. Sky is obviously doing some side work with Glove. 6 spots higher in the PR, compared to his spot in the standings.
3. Stat, Pete and Glove are all much lower in the PR compared to the standings. Of those 3, Stat is the only one coming off a win.



11-28-2014, 02:28 AM

I am dissapointed with my ranking too Stat. Very dissapointed. We must beat good teams and objectively prove to the computer we are actually better.

12-01-2014, 01:52 PM
Week 6 Power Rankings

1. () TysonChandlerParsons 4-1: Maintains his top spot with yet another dominating win. Has outscored his opponents a ridiculous 27-9 since opening week. Amazing run for a league so competitive. And it hasn't been all against easy opponetns either, destroyed PLR and Sky's squad in this run. Made a few moves this week that hopefully will strengthen his team even more.

2. () Keep Floatin 4-1: Stayed floating without Westbrook and in fact went a unthinkable 4-1 in that stretch. Now Westbrook and Melo are healthy, look out. Only concern now is Dwight getting back to normal, with these 3 healthy is a no doubt championship contender and will be very tough to beat.

3. (+1) Iamgine 3-1: After recent loss got back to his winning ways with an easy win against an easy opponent. Strategy continues to work well for him and didn't receive much of a challenge this week. Going against a more respectable opponent next week.

4. (+1) Big Poppa PUMPIN 3-2: It wasn't the prettiest of wins but got the job done. That makes it 3 in a row. Has really just benefited with his team getting healthy after the rough 0-2 start and it still remains to be seen when he will take a sound loss with his team all healthy.

5. (+1) DRAKE 3-2: Got back in the win column continuing his W-L-W-L-W pattern. His team was much healthier than the week before and and his bigmen were simply too overwhelming for his opponent this week. Going against the bottom ranked team next week good chance to break out of the W-L-W-L pattern.

6. (+6) Dream Team 3-2: Bounces back to respectability with a dominating win against a previously Top 3 ranked squad. Led the entire week and never looked back finishing with a solid 6-3 win. Has played well against good opponents but struggled against bad ones. Hopes to break out of that pattern with one of the more bottom ranked opponents.

7. (-4) Pocahontas 2-3: Though the talent is all there just hasn't been able to get victories. It is kind of concerning now as he is now 0-2 since the big trade and unable to even get a lead last week. Granted has faced a tough schedule thus far and things will continue tough as he faces the #4 ranked team this week. Needs to beat one of these top teams to prove he belongs there though.

8. () Slingers' Den 2-3: Lost pretty badly this week but it was against one of the top teams. Now is 2-1 since taking over which is still pretty good considering he has faced currently the #2, #3, and #9 ranked teams during that stretch. There still is a concern of if he has enough talent to keep even this spot but hey as long as he continues to stay competitive he will stay here. Until then, will keep slingin.

9. (+1) Team Fournicator 2-3: Yeah losing effort this week but stayed with a solid good team all week long. His players actually produced pretty well but his opponent was just better. Unfortunately, he will continue to face tough opponents next couple weeks #3 and #2 ranked teams up next.

10. (-3) Detroit Vs Everybody 2-3: Its about that time he desperately needs Durant to come back. Losing to the #14 ranked team was unexcusable. Has made quite a few moves shaking up his roster again including 3 on Thanksgiving and now all that he is waiting for is Durant to comeback and lead the defending champion back to eliteness.

11. (+3) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 1-3: Congrats on the 1st win! Watching his team play you would have never guessed he has not won a game yet. His team has solid talent all over led by LeBron James and finally it results in a win. This happiness might be short lived however as he faces the top ranked team this week.

12. (-3) G-Train 2-3: Really did not stand a chance against the top ranked team. Has gotten 2 wins on the season but it seems he lost the heart & soul of his team last week in a trade. Can he still get victories? We will find out next week.

13. (-1) Rameek's Year! 2-3: Thats 3 straight losses making him the coldest team in the league. With Blake Griffin not playing upto level, this team just kind of looks lost. Made some moves this week in hopes of becoming competitive again, has a tough task though this week against #2 ranked squad.

14. (-1) Sizz 1-3: Only took a week for him to get back to the bottom. Actually kept it competitive this week but still there are some inactivity concerns and it should be a long season.

Matchup of the Week

4 Big Poppa PUMPIN 3-2 vs. 7 Pocahontas 2-3

Storyline: Big Poppa PUMPIN has gotten healthy after the 0-2 start and hasn't looked back since winning 3 straight. There are still some people in this league that doubt his team to be a true contender and a win this week could make those concerns dissapear. On the other hand, people expected Pocahontas to be an elite contender but so far has lived less to the mark. A win against a top 4 ranked team however could do the trick and bring this team back to life and on path for a pursuit of a title.

12-01-2014, 06:43 PM
Thanks again for the great writeup :cheers:

Although I think I deserved to get moved down a few spots after a bad loss lol.

12-02-2014, 06:17 PM
Thanks again for the great writeup :cheers:

Although I think I deserved to get moved down a few spots after a bad loss lol.


This guy.

12-09-2014, 02:35 PM
Week 7 Power Rankings

1. () TysonChandlerParsons 5-1: Maintains his top spot in the league for the 3rd week in a row. He now has been #1 longer than any other team in the league, an accomplishment to be proud of. This week was not an easy win however as he faced an underrated team nonetheless was able to sneak by with a 5-4 win.

2. () Keep Floatin 4-1: Not really the most impressive week tying one of the worst teams in the league. However with trading away Dwight and his whole team healthy, things can only go up from here. Has an interesting challenge next week in an attempt to prove he belongs where he is.

3. (+1) Big Poppa PUMPIN 4-2: Make that 4 straight. Caught a break this week with the team he was facing having all sorts of injuries, nonetheless he had a strong victory. Has a sound team philosophy and has done nothing but win lately and continues to reach new highs in the power rankings for himself.

4. (+1) DRAKE 4-2: Finally ended his W-L-W-L pattern with a win showing he belongs on the top end rather than bottom end. He has won 3 out of his last 4 and his only losses have been close 5-4 losses. Definately looks playoff bound, but has interesting challenges the next 3 weeks with a chance to prove he should be considered championship favorite.

5. (+4) Team Fournicator 3-3: Welcome to the Top 5. Has been pretty low all year in the Power Rankings but a very impressive and dominant victory last week has changed everything. And looking at his team it isn't surprising he is here, he has the Fantasy MVP Anthony Davis along with a stong supporting case led by Klay and many other youngsters. Definately belongs in the Top 5 needs to show more consistency though. Tough matchup this week.

6. (+2) Slingers' Den 3-3: Improves to a very unexpected 3-1 since taking over the team. I think no one would have believed this 0-2 arguably worst team would win the next 3 out of 4 with the manager change, but somehow it has happened. He has beaten respectable opponents in that span as well. But the challenges don't stop here, next stop is the #1 ranked team to beat. But don't count this team out, it has upset many teams already.

7. (-4) Iamgine 3-2: A team that used to be formerly #1, has now dropped to #7 and out of the Top 5 for the first time this season. This lost was just unforgivable, as he got completely dominated the entire week.

8. (+4) G-Train 3-3: Just when you thought Gtrain is just going to start losing from here, he comes back with a sound win over a Top 6 ranked team. GTrain's team has been a mystery all season, many underperforming players but here he is at 3-3. Still needs to win more to prove mediocricy is not his peak, has a good chance to do that against a Top 3 ranked team this week.

9. (-3) Dream Team 3-3: The losses continue to pile up against the bottom ranked opponents. Is now 3-0 vs. opponents ranked in the top 10, and 0-3 vs. opponents ranked in the bottom 4. Unfortunately for him he will go against another bottom 4 ranked opponent.

10. (-3) Pocahontas 2-4: After being Top 3 a few weeks ago, now has dropped down to 10th place. Is now 0-3 since his major trade. The reason for last week's loss was his big 3 bigmen were injured. They are getting healthier now but Cousins is still banged up and it doesn't seem like his team can figure out a way to win without his studs. Is almost in a must-win situation this week against bottom ranked Sizz though, if he can't figure out a way to win here it will be a huge blow.

11. (-1) Detroit Vs Everybody 2-4: Durant returned to action however even that was not enough to get this team a win. He used to talk about his long win streak, but now it's time to talk about his long losing streak as he has now lost 4 in a row. You still have to give him the benefit of the doubt he was the defending champion and expect a big bounceback against the #13 ranked team.

12. (-1) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 1-4: Drops to 1-4 for the season. I still consider him an underrated has tons of talent around LeBron James, but I guess James hasn't been James this season. Still one of the most talented bottom ranked teams and just needs to find a way to consistently start winning.

13. () Rameek's Year! 2-3: Well on the bright side at least he ended his losing streak with a tie this week against a pretty tough opponent. Still hasn't won since Week 2 however. Needs his players to come alive especially Blake Griffin, otherwise he may not see another win in a long long time.

14. () Sizz 1-5: Back to same old losing for this guy. Inactive.

Matchup of the Week

2 Keep Floatin 4-1 vs. 5 Team Fournicator 3-3

Storyline: It's time to see what B4life's squad is all about, as it is 100% healthy for the 1st time this season. The Melo & Westbrook combination will be in full force along with the rest of his supporting cast healthy. This team looks as good or better as it did coming into the season when it was ranked #1. On the other end we have a newly recognized contender Statman's Team Fournicator. This young team put on one of the best performances last week dominating Iamgine who probably couldn't ever imagine losing 7-2. Is this team a real contender? We'll find out this week.

12-09-2014, 02:38 PM
Also just interesting to see who has been the "Top" team week by week, will provide updates on this list throughout the season but here is how it looks now

Week 1: Keep Floatin
Week 2: Keep Floatin
Week 3: Iamgine
Week 4: Iamgine
Week 5: TysonChandlerParsons
Week 6: TysonChandlerParsons
Week 7: TysonChandlerParsons

Bird has had the best run this year so far at #1. Let's see when it ends...

12-09-2014, 06:58 PM
Good stuff :cheers:

12-10-2014, 03:50 AM
Matchup of the Week

2 Keep Floatin 4-1 vs. 5 Team Fournicator 3-3

Storyline: It's time to see what B4life's squad is all about, as it is 100% healthy for the 1st time this season. The Melo & Westbrook combination will be in full force along with the rest of his supporting cast healthy. This team looks as good or better as it did coming into the season when it was ranked #1. On the other end we have a newly recognized contender Statman's Team Fournicator. This young team put on one of the best performances last week dominating Iamgine who probably couldn't ever imagine losing 7-2. Is this team a real contender? We'll find out this week.

Too easy. Who is next. :pimp:

12-10-2014, 08:13 PM
Also just interesting to see who has been the "Top" team week by week, will provide updates on this list throughout the season but here is how it looks now

Week 1: Keep Floatin
Week 2: Keep Floatin
Week 3: Iamgine
Week 4: Iamgine
Week 5: TysonChandlerParsons
Week 6: TysonChandlerParsons
Week 7: TysonChandlerParsons

Bird has had the best run this year so far at #1. Let's see when it ends...

Unless my team takes and incredible dump, I should win my 6th straight week and stay atop the rankings.

Though, if Dean can somehow take this week from STAT with 6 or more wins and I can't get more than 5 wins (or a loss) to DZW, he should probably hop into first place.

12-15-2014, 04:09 PM
Move me down. :cry:

12-16-2014, 02:35 AM
Week 8 Power Rankings

1. (+1) Keep Floatin 5-1: Welcome back to the top. He was the preseason top ranked team and he is now back to the top. He has the best W-L record and is #1 in standings. We talked about how dangerous this team could be with a fully healthy roster, well here we go.

2. (-1) TysonChandlerParsons 5-2: His run at the top snapped this week. It was a tough loss, he was leading most of the way but just could not hold on during the weekend. He still holds onto the #2 spot with a great run so far this season. Fortunately he has a strong chance to rebound against one of the weakest teams in the league.

3. (+3) Slingers' Den 4-3: The impressive turnaround of a season continues for DZW. He stunned another top team to improve to 4-1 now since he has taken over. That is as good as any team in the league during that stretch. Things should continue to look good as he looks like a playoff contender and possibly title contender.

4. (+3) Iamgine 4-2: Had a much needed bounceback victory after the previous week's embarrasment. It was a nice controlled 5-4 victory against a strong opponent proving previous week as just a fluke loss. Things only get tougher here as he is involved in the matchup of the week.

5. (+3) G-Train 4-3: Welcome to the top 5. His team enters the Top 5 for the first time this season, winning the past 3 out of 4. His team really just has come alive, Jrue Holiday was a strong addition and looked great last week for him. Team starting to get more balanced and scary by the day.

6 (-3) Big Poppa PUMPIN 4-3: All good runs come to an end, finally loses after winning 4 in a row. The loss was a close 5-4 loss but really was controlled throughout the week. Right now should just be hoping Favors is not too banged up and returns soon.

7. (-3) DRAKE 4-3: Though had a chance to move to a 5-2 elite season level, could not get it done. Quite frankly did not match up well and Iamgine beat him the way iamgine wanted to beat him. Will have less matchup trouble next week against a much lower ranked team as he looks to stay a top tier team.

8. (-3) Team Fournicator3-4: Was able to take down 1 challenge last week but could not do it again in another challenge. Anthony Davis being at less than 100% probably had something to do with it. Schedule eases up a little bit this week however as he looks to get back to winning.

9. (+2) Detroit Vs Everybody 3-4: Defending champion finally ended his slump against one of the weaker teams. Had lost 4 in a row coming in and desperately needed this win. With Durant healthy, should be posed to get back into the playoff picture. A big test this week to see if he is still capable of playoffs or not.

10. () Pocahontas 3-4: Snapped a 3 game losing streak. It wasn't pretty however, barely beat the worst team in the league. Things won't be as easy this week against a much tougher opponent, but here is his chance to show that he can still compete with the big dogs.

11. (+1) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 2-4: Sneaked by a close win last week against a mediocre opponent. Only his 2nd win this year however but has won the last 2 out of 3 now. This week goes against a much tougher challenge. Has changed team around too let's see how well that works for him.

12. (-3) Dream Team 3-4: The pattern of losing to bad teams continues. Now is 0-4 against teams ranked in the bottom 4 when facing them. That is a terrible record to have. Fortunately is not facing a bottom 4 team this week.

13. () Rameek's Year! 2-4: His last win was Week 2. It is now week 8. Enough said.

14. () Sizz 1-6: Has gone back to his extremely inactive ways costing him another week.

Matchup of the Week

1 Keep Floatin 5-1 vs. 4 Iamgine 4-2

Storyline: For the 2nd week in a row B4life is featured in the matchup of the week. This week it is against a little tougher opponent that just knows how to win games. It will be interesting because even Keep Floatin' is built heaviy on their guards. On the other side, Iamagine leads his fully drafted small lineup against a #1 seed, a place he used to be. If he wants to get back there he will need this win. This matchup is strengths vs. strengths in what should be very interesting to see.

12-16-2014, 02:44 AM
Appreciate the positive comments, but considering that I'm still just a 11th seed at the moment, playoff/title contender seems a bit farfetched :oldlol:

Good job on the PR's though, as usual.

12-23-2014, 04:22 AM
Week 9 Power Rankings

1. () Keep Floatin 6-1: Had a great battle this week against Iamgine really close all the way through in a Strengths vs. Strengths battle but came up on top at the end showing why he is the #1 seed. It could be a while before this team loses just looks too good right now. But schedule should remain challenging.

2. (+1) Slingers' Den 5-3: Has done an exceptional job since taking over this roster and now is 5-1 since the takeover. The winning continued as he won pretty easily this week as well never really trailing all week. But anyways, got his 3rd straight win and the only team he has lost to since taking over has been the #1 ranked team. Pretty impressive.

3. (+2) G-Train 5-3: It wasn't pretty but has crossed to new heights with his 3rd straight win. Has one of the hottest teams in the league but faces a much stiffer test this week. Also has changed his roster completely around adding Durant, let's see how that works out. Currently Durant is hurt.

4 (+2) Big Poppa PUMPIN 5-3: Bounced back after his 1 bad loss and now is back in the winning column. Has now won 5 out of the last 6, that is a run as good as anyones. Faces a very tough challenge this week going against the #2 ranked team. A win here would put him in the Top 3.

5. (-3) TysonChandlerParsons 5-3: One loss after a while was okay, but back to back losses now is a concern. Continues to make a lot of trades at a high rate, and maybe it's doing more harm than good. Has a chance to prove that the new trades has benefitted him as he attempts to get back into the winning column.

6. (-2) Iamgine 4-3: Really just faced a really good opponent this week and the matchup was close all week long. At #6 right now and has been pretty high all season, no reason for any concern for his team and probably still won't make any trades. Goes against a much easier opponent this week.

7. (+1) Team Fournicator 4-4: Has been on a Loss-Win Loss-Win pattern all year unable to get back to back wins or back to back losses this year. How long will this pattern continue before he can prove himself he either belongs in the upper half of the league or lower half. The Marcus Smart pick up indeed seems smart.

8. (+2) Pocahontas 4-4: Appears to be past his losing days with Cousins returning getting back to back wins. Last week he won in a very dominating fashion. Was once considered elite and now with adding Lowry, could reach that elite level once again. Matchup this week may decide if he belongs in that elite conversation still or no more.

9. (-2) DRAKE 4-4: Reached a new low point for the season at rank #9. Has now lost back to back weeks for the 1st time this year. Unfortunately things will not get much easier as he faces the top ranked team in the league. Too many injuries and it maybe a long ride down before he gets up again.

10. (+3) Rameek's Year! 3-4: Got his 1st win since Week 2. Did it against one of the better teams as well so it was impressive. New trades has made his team look pretty strong. Maybe on his way to the top very soon.

11. () NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 2-5: Though was able to hold strong and make it a competitive week, was unable to pull through with the win. Maybe all these injuries is becoming problematic. Still has a pretty loaded looking roster that when healthy could take on anyone.

12. (-3) Detroit Vs Everybody 3-5: After 1 win got absolutely demolished this week. Make that losing 5 out of the last 6 now. Really it was time for change, and he made it by trading Durant for a ton of talent. Can the defending champion boucneback and make a playoff run now?

13. (-1) Dream Team 3-5: Losing continues. Has now lost 5 out of the last 6. Claims he is close to a breakthrough, but the only breakthrough he is close to is breaking through to #14.

14. () Sizz 1-7: Bye week of the league. Only team he has beaten is the #13 ranked team.

Matchup of the Week

2 Slingers' Den 5-3 vs. 4 Big Poppa PUMPIN 5-3

Storyline: 2 of the biggest surprises this season. DZW is now 5-1 since taking over OJ's team and his only loss has been to the #1 ranked team. He has won now 3 in a row as he continues to make roster changes and seems like a legit title contender. PLR on the other hand had a questionable looking team at the start but has shown he belongs at the top winning the last 5 out of 6 weeks. In fact, both of these teams have won the last 5 out of 6 giving you an idea of how hot both these teams are. PLR has the more power bigman approach with splended pass first guards while DZW has great shooters and an all-around team. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

12-23-2014, 07:59 PM
Appreciate the commitment to PR's despite the recent struggles, not easy to do, respect :cheers:

12-30-2014, 03:10 AM
Appreciate the commitment to PR's despite the recent struggles, not easy to do, respect :cheers:

Yeah it's tough but gotta live up to my promises. Plus I know I will be rising very soon. ;)

12-30-2014, 03:12 AM
Week 10 Power Rankings

1. (+3) Big Poppa PUMPIN 6-3: Time had come for a new team to take the top #1 spot. And this one may have been a bit overdue. Winner of the past 6 out of 7, including last week's Game of the Week, PLR rises to the top of the power rankings. It has been kind of a long journey but he has just consistently been good and been winning. His combination of all his bigs and top notch PGs has been proven to be successful and taken his team to the top of the league.

2. (-1) Keep Floatin 6-2: Last week was a bit heartbreaking losing after winning the whole week. This was a good reminder to him that his team is not unbeatable and can lose. Looks to bounceback this week against a rising team.

3. (+5) Pocahontas 5-4: Rises this much usually don't happen but here is a team that deserves a Top 3 spot. He has won 3 in a row now, and that lethal guard duo of Lowry-Kyrie and lethal bigman duo of Cousins-Gasol, this team is looking very scary. Add a solid starcast, and you have one of the top contenders. Taking down this team will be a challenge for anyone here on out.

4. (-2) Slingers' Den 5-4: Couldn't quite hang with the big dog in his matchup against PLR thsi week. Still is 5-2 overall since taking over, and just faced a very challenging top ranked team last week. Catches a breather this week facing the worst ranked team in the league.

5. (+4) DRAKE 5-4: Ended his 2 game win streak with one of the biggest upsets of the week taking down the top ranked team in the league. There is still a lot of concern with all the injuries he has but at least faces an easier opponent this week. Will look to make a run at the top again when his team gets healthier.

6. (-1) TysonChandlerParsons 5-3: Ended his 2 game losing streak with a tie. Not the best way to end a losing streak but at least it is now over. Has really changed his team around with many recent trades. Though it appears those trades have just hurt his team, we maybe wrong. What the truth is may not come out yet, but we may get a better idea as he goes against a mediocre team this week.

7. () Team Fournicator 4-4: Ended a L-W pattern stretching all year with a tie against a Top 5 ranked team. That's actually a good thing for him as he was projected to lose last week. Might have the best duo in the league with Davis/Klay but the rest of his cast is still questionable and it could limit his potential.

8. (-2) Iamgine 4-4: Another loss for him extending his losing streak. His team has been pretty consistent but really faced a pretty solid team last week that gave him a run for his money. For the 1st time this year there is a concern that his run/gun style may not actually get him to the playoffs. I mean, with no trades, he has made no improvements since draft and other teams following a similar style maybe better suited to success.

9. (-6) G-Train 5-4: After a good run, got absolutely demolished last week in what ends up being one of the most lop-sided scores this year. With KD hurt, this team maybe hurting a lot too. We will see what KD can do when he is healthy, but until then, there maybe more losses coming this team's way.

10. () Rameek's Year! 4-4: The debut of his new-look team was pretty solid, as he took care of business controlling the matchup all week long. It was however against the #13 ranked team, this week is a big change as he faces the #1 ranked team, has a chance to show what his team is capable of.

11. () NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 3-5: Faced the worst team in the league, and simply took care of business. Didn't really get a chance to show anything at all, simple business. Has more of a chance to prove himself this week against a Top 3 ranked team.

12. () DETROIT VS EVERYBODY 4-5: Got his 2nd win in 3 games against a respectable opponent this week. Was one of the more impressive wins but will have to show more consistency to move up from the bottom here. Has a totally new look to his team without Durant and it's still up in the air how good his team can be. Has a chance to prove himself as one of the stronger teams thsi week against B4life.

13. () Dream Team 3-6: May soon end up in Sizz's class. Both teams have lost 6 out of their last 7 and just simply can't win.

14. () Sizz 1-8: 1-8...that sounds bad enough and is worthy for last place.

Matchup of the Week

1 Big Poppa PUMPIN 6-3 vs. 10 Rameek's Year! 4-4

Storyline: PLR's squad is finally #1 with a great run of winning the last 6 out of 7. For the 2nd straight week he returns to the matchup of the week, after winning last week's matchup pretty easily. He faces a underrated Rameek team, who with the new trade looks to prove itself as a contender as well. Rameek's squad has won 2 in a row and really hasn't shown what it has just yet. Should be an interesting battle, where #1 tries to show why he is #1, and where the challenger tries to prove he belongs at the top as well.

12-30-2014, 04:38 AM
@Navidsworld stays underrated.

Kobe/Melo/LeBron must have broke the computer

Pistol Pete
12-30-2014, 11:14 AM
Respect and many thanks for your consistent effort in writing these out, they help make the league more fun and I know they can be time consuming. Hope you smash that overrated pedobear STAT this week!

12-30-2014, 06:07 PM
#3, thank ya!

12-31-2014, 12:23 AM
@Navidsworld stays underrated.

Kobe/Melo/LeBron must have broke the computer
Honestly I cant see how anyone takes this guy seriously with his so called power rankings.

01-05-2015, 04:34 AM
Honestly I cant see how anyone takes this guy seriously with his so called power rankings.


STFU u little b*itch

01-05-2015, 04:50 AM
Had to leave the league so forced to stop doing these as well. Was consistent while I was in league at least.

01-05-2015, 09:03 AM
Lmao "Ronnie Price is final championship piece" adios you smelly Punjab. You rank below sizz. You are the worst manager and team in league.

01-05-2015, 02:11 PM

STFU u little b*itch
Well considering you are out the league by your own admission by not beating Stat, does it matter whether you can do anymore incompetent rankings...

Don't go stay. Its going to be amusing how you end up in last place in the league even with a dead team.:cheers:

01-05-2015, 03:29 PM
Just saying in the next power ranking sizZ should be ahead of glove

01-19-2015, 07:10 PM
Since Im back...power rankings are back!

Sorry I missed the last 2 weeks, won't provide any analysis, but will do them some justice by posting the "would have been" last 2 week rankings.

Week 11 Power Rankings

1. (+2) Pocahontas 6-4

2. (+2) Slingers' Den 6-4

3. (-2) Big Poppa PUMPIN 6-4

4. (-2) Keep Floatin 6-3

5. (+2) Team Fournicator 5-4

6. (+3) G-Train 6-4

7. (+3) Rameek's Year! 5-4

8. () Iamgine 5-4

9. (-4) DRAKE 5-4


11. (-5) TysonChandlerParsons 5-4

12. (-1) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 3-6

13. () Dream Team 3-7

14. () Sizz 1-9

Week 12 Power Rankings

1. () Pocahontas 7-4

2. (+3) Team Fournicator 6-4

3. (-1) Slingers' Den 6-5

4. (+2) G-Train 7-4

5. (-2) Big Poppa PUMPIN 6-5

6. (+1) Rameek's Year! 6-4

7. (-3) Keep Floatin 6-4


9. (+2) TysonChandlerParsons 6-4

10. (-1) DRAKE 5-5

11. (-3) Iamgine 5-5

12. (+1) Dream Team 4-7

13. (-1) NJ3 MVP @Navidsworld 3-7

14. () Sizz 1-10

01-19-2015, 07:13 PM
Week 13 Power Rankings

1. (+1) Team Fournicator 7-4: Hasn't lost since Week 7, it is now Week 13. Just slowly has made his way to #1 by just winning each week in and out. Anthony Davis is the current #1 fantasy player, and now is part of the current #1 fantasy team.

2. (+2) G-Train 8-4: Has the best W-L record in the league at 8-4. Has won 6 out of his past 7 games and is just red hot but some say his schedule wasn't that tough. Faces arguably his biggest challenge yet in his hot streak.

3. (+3) [B]Keyser S

01-19-2015, 10:17 PM

01-20-2015, 11:35 AM
At least you got the number 1 right. As far as the rest its a hot mess. I cant figure out why you came back. Your rankings a rhubbish. A MAN OF THEIR WORD would not be here.:coleman:

02-04-2015, 10:18 PM

02-10-2015, 02:45 AM
Sorry about missing the last 2 weeks, but here are what the rankings would have been. Analysis will only be included for this current week:

Week 14 Power Rankings

1. () Team Fournicator 8-4

2. (+1) [B]Keyser S

02-10-2015, 03:22 AM
Week 16 Power Rankings

1. () Overdosed Redux 10-4: Is there any question about this one? Has extended his win streak to 6 games and hasn't lost since Week 7. The only question about this one is when will he lose again? Anthony Davis and short week might spell a recipe for disaster...

2. (+2) Pocahontas 9-6: Is back on the winning track. And could be on this track for a while, roster is healthy and is full of superstars with all the trading he has done. He has struggling against the top teams but the next teams on his road look anything but that.

3. (+3) DRAKE 9-6: Gathers his 4th win in a row. The wins have been rather close and the opponents haven't been the best of the best, but now that will change as his upcoming schedule is tough. Here we find out if he is a playoff contender or a championship contender.

4. (-1) Big Poppa PUMPIN 9-6: Upset loss ends his winning streak. Another team that has had a great season but has just struggled to get it done against the best. He is however 3-3 in his last 6 weeks so there is still some debate if he is a contender or another mediocre team.

5. (-3) [B]Keyser S

02-10-2015, 03:25 AM
If you appreciate the PR rankings, please rep. Thanks.

Coming down to the home stretch, the top 6 teams are precisely the ones who would make playoffs right now. I don't know about the others, but as one of the teams looking in, every week I have to win. Will be fun taking down #4 PLR this week.

Pistol Pete
02-10-2015, 07:04 AM
Thanks for your effort as always, appreciate someone else stepping up when I am too busy to deliver them.

4-0 since my team got healthy, hoping short weeks don't mess up my progress.

02-16-2015, 03:54 PM
Week 17 Power Rankings

1. () Overdosed Redux 11-4: No Anthony Davis? No problem. The domination continues as he wins his 7th straight week. At this point it doesn't look like he will lose his #1 spot either in the PR rankings or the standings and even his win streak may just continue. Another short week coming up may be the best chance at someone stopping him.

2. () Pocahontas 10-6: Super-talented roster that is looking super-healthy as well. That has led to 3 straight wins for him, but this upcoming week will be the biggest challenge yet during his new win streak.

3. () DRAKE 10-6: Another team getting hot at the right time. Has won 5 in a row now, the 2nd longest active streak in the league. This week was one of his most dominating performances taking advantage of a short week and crushing a fellow playoff team. Has as many wins in the past 5 weeks as he did in the 1st 11 weeks, and hopes to continue to succeed.

4. (+2) TysonChandlerParsons 9-6: Got an easy give me win against the worst team in the league last week never breaking a sweat. Has won back to back weeks but biggest challenge for his team will come this week against the #2 ranked super-talented roster Pocahontaus. He has been at the top of the league before, this is the week he gets a chance to show maybe he still belongs there.

5. (+2) G-Train 9-7: Snapped his 3 game losing streat, though it was against one of the worst teams in the league. A win is a win and he still commands much respect when you face him though may not be that high in the standings. Has a chance to pick up another win against another struggling team.

6. (-2) Big Poppa PUMPIN 9-7: Back to back upsets have taken him from Top 3 to Top 6. He has had a great season so far but once again people are wondering how good his team really is. He has another big challenge this week and a chance to prove his legitamacy again.

7. (-2) [B]Keyser S

02-16-2015, 03:55 PM
Please rep!

Top spots and bottom spots not moving. PR rankings lookin accurate.

02-17-2015, 06:59 AM
Good stuff as always, keep them coming :cheers:

02-23-2015, 01:45 AM
how Does Glove Lose To The Last Place & Dead Team Twice In The Same Season.....

03-03-2015, 02:32 AM
Week 18 Power Rankings

1. () Overdosed Redux 11-5

2. () Pocahontas 11-6

3. () DRAKE 11-6

4. (+3) [B]Keyser S

03-03-2015, 02:58 AM
Week 19 Power Rankings

1. () Overdosed Redux 12-5: Yes his incredibly long win streak ended recently, but it was a short week and you could write that off as a fluke loss. Got back on track controlling the matchup against a Top 3 team. Continues to face more tests to prove his supremacy over the league.

2. (+1) DRAKE 11-7: It doesn't happen very often someone moves up after a loss, but the way pieces have fallen this is one of those rare occurrences. Had his 6 game win streak snapped but it was a 4-5 loss against the #1 ranked team. Can't really take too much of a hit for that.

3. (+3) TysonChandlerParsons 10-7: Don't look now but here he comes. Has won 3 out of his last 4 weeks, and 3 of those opponents were Top 5 ranked coming into the matchup. Finally gets a breather as he faced one of the worst teams in the league this week.

4. (+3) Iamgine 10-7: Here is a team who has recreated himself recently. Had a great start to the season, then started dipping, but here he is on a 4 game win streak. One might say he hasn't played a very tough opponent but that will change this week as he faces the top ranked team in the league.

5. (-3) Pocahontas 11-7: After looking so great recently with a stacked roster, got just destroyed against a mediocre ranked team. One might argue he still played well, but a big loss is a big loss. Gets a chance to rebound and prove it was just a fluke loss this week.

6. (-2) [B]Keyser S

03-03-2015, 03:10 AM
And since we are just a few weeks from the playoffs, I'm adding a "Championship Rankings" section this week. This does not come from my computer, but from me personally. Its basically a ranking based upon the chances to win the title. Only doing the Top 5.

Championship Rankings

1) Overdosed Redux (Statman)- Has not lost in a full week of action in over 10 weeks. That is pretty crazy. His only loss was a 4-5 loss in a short week. Until he shows any indication of being beatable, the odds of him losing are still the lowest thus highest to win the title. AD's health is the big question heading into and thoughout the playoffs.

2) Dream Team (Glove)- The biggest obstacle for him will be getting into the playoffs. Has not been there quite very much. But once in there, very dangerous team. Showed his dominance last week demolishing one of the top teams. There are managing concerns by many, but this team has a lot of talent and it is now well balanced. Watch out.

3) Pocahontas (Sky)- Yes got blown out last week, but still had a pretty good week. Is also like #2, still on the edge of the playoff race, but I dont think many can imagine him missing playoffs. His team has just too much talent and too many great players. Wall, Cousins, LaMarcus, Gasol, did some questionable trades recently, but still has a lot of talent and has a team that no one can overlook.

4) D.R.A.K.E. (Pete)- Has been hit hard by the injury bug, but you have to admire the confidence of the manager. Up this high, because after all Pete has won 3 titles and knows how to get it done. Still has lots of strong talent and finally a superstar player on his roster in Russell Westbrook. He has won 6 out of his last 7 and as long as Russell stays healthy a team to watch it out for.

5) Big Poppa PUMPIN (PLR)- The last spot was kind of a tough one to choose. Could've gone with many teams. But went with the team with Durant. There is no telling how good his team will be yet with Durant healthy, it could be good enough to win the championship. Obviously there are many questions about KD's health, but if the pieces fall in place, could surprise and win the title.

Just missed the cut: TysonChandlerParsons (Bird), Iamgine (iamgine)

Pistol Pete
03-03-2015, 05:32 AM
#2 overall in the computers and #4 in the "coaches poll", appreciate your effort in taking the time to write these out, great job.

While I may not be #1 worthy yet, I do see a path to...... #VICTORY. In time, title #4 will be mine.

03-10-2015, 02:04 AM
Week 20 Power Rankings

1. () Overdosed Redux 13-5: What's there to say here, he has been the best for the longest. He was in the matchup of the week this week as well, and quite easily won. Anthony Davis is back and he will end the regular season with the #1 seed.

2. () DRAKE 12-7: Quickly got back to the winning track with an easy win against the worst team in the league. He has won 6 out of his last 7 now. But the real test to see if he is ready for the playoffs will come in the final 2 weeks as he faces 2 playoff worthy teams.

3. () TysonChandlerParsons 11-7: Back to back wins now and has won 4 out of his last 5 weeks. Starting to get hot at the right time, faces 2 mediocre teams to finish of the regular season as he tries to prove he is a step above them.

4. (+2) [B]Keyser S

03-13-2015, 09:15 AM
For every 1 guy I get back it seems I lose 2....:facepalm :biggums: :coleman: