View Full Version : Can the Timberwolves win their division?

11-07-2014, 02:25 AM
I'm going to throw out a prediction that I could get major criticism for. I think the Wolves will win their division if their front court can stay healthy. I feel like we're in the weakest division of the West and we're better than Nuggets, Jazz and Thunder currently as the records speak truth right now. We're improved compared to last year and our team will prove strong in every category Love got credit for except maybe turnovers being a problem on occasion. Love's defense killed our team and his leadership rubbed off on players making them lazy on D. Pekovic looks much improved in that department and Thaddeus Young is looking good despite his size disadvantage. Thaddeus Young really isn't a great rebounder and we're showing that we can still get boards to beat teams. Wiggins contributing already gives us another option on offense. We have enough talent to weather the growing pains in my opinion.