View Full Version : It should be titled "inconsistency"

01-29-2015, 04:33 PM
Good read.


A couple conclusions about Casey and him "correctly not trusting his team" may be objectionable.

Asserted that Val (and James Johnson) are too inconsistent at crunch time especially Val.

I would argue the other side of that coin ... that Val never gets crunch time so his consistency will suffer without the experience.

The conclusion is play em and learn to live with it... and I would only say AMEN.

This team was projected to (1) win (over under line) 47 games (2) make the playoffs. We the Raptors fans predicted (3) go 2 rounds deep in the playoffs.

Those expectations look to be met. 3 is the hardest to predict until the playoff final of season standings are known. Bulls / Cavs would be a tough draw.

Many experts (me as well) "too eagerly jumped on the bandwagon" of the first 25 games..

This team is not as good as the 1st - 25 games indicated nor as bad as the last 15.

But it is being built well for longer term consistency. Staggered contracts, cap space, draft picks.. all bode well to be "more SanAntonio" like.