View Full Version : Looking ahead to raptors off season

01-30-2015, 06:14 AM
I am enjoying watching the raps season and hope for at least one playoff round victory this year. Playoff experience is surely needed.

Assuming Ujiri doesn't make any roster moves this year, what are some realistic summer changes, free agents, possible trades, who will they bring back and who will they let go. As well as who they will draft this year.

I am thinking that 2016 is the big summer and this year will be setting the stage for that offseason.

I think it will be difficult to pay for Sweet Lou this summer, and they probably let him go. TRoss can take on his role as sixth man scorer off then bench. This would also allow the raps to maybe go back to bringing vaz off the bench.

Let Hands, fields, stiesma and Lou go.
Bring back chuck on vets minimum, sign ed davis to 2 year 10 million dollar deal, second year as team option. Draft best player available.
Sign amir to 1 year-ten million dollar deal to give for flexibility in roster.
in 2016

lowry, vaz
derozen, ross
JJ, ross Caboclo, Daniels
Patterson, Davis
Val, Amir, Bebe/hays

One other free agent and draft best player available or for a specific need.