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03-09-2015, 04:44 PM
Expiring Contracts (salary this season in brackets):

Landry Fields ($8.5 million:cry: ) - lost his mojo, albatross contract, GONE PLS

Amir Johnson ($7 million) - durable workhorse, all the hustle, keep for under $8 mill per

Chuck Hayes ($6 million) - useful as a veteran presence, still a solid post defender, but if he wants to stay will have to take vet's minimum

Lou Williams ($5.5 million)- one-dimensional mercenary, very undersized SG incapable of playing PG, only this sweet because contract year, I say let him move on

Marcus Camby ($4 million) - um, according to ********* we payed Camby this season, don't ask me why

Tyler Hansbrough ($3.3 million) - honestly not skilled or athletic or even big enough to justify keeping around, but for under $5 million I'd be willing to keep him around just for his sheer psycho-ness

Greg Stiemsma ($1 million) - hard for me to give a funk

Let's say of these we only re-sign Amir, for say $8.5 million per year. Leaves us with:

C- Valanciunas/Bebe
PF- Amir/2Pat
SF- JJ/Bruno
SG- Demar/T-Ross
PG- Lowry/Vasquez

Leaving us with a combined salary of $57 million. Combined salary for this season was $81 million, assuming similar level of spending we've got about $20 million to spend. We've got all sorts of options, Valanciunas, Demar, and Lowry are all good trade pieces if we really wanted to shake things up and go for a big free agent at one of their positions.

Dream Free Agents: LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol

Best options since neither of those will happen: Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Tobias Harris, Wesley Matthews, Paul Millsap

03-10-2015, 02:32 AM
Jimmy Butler would be an amazing addition to this team. Having Lowry/DeRozan/Butler locked up long term would be an amazing young core to have. Lowry and Butler would be quite the lock down defensive back court.