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03-25-2015, 08:13 AM
There was a lot of Hyperbole here about 20 games in... admittedly from me too.:cheers:

The season over under was 47 games at preseason and give or take 5 wins the Raps will finish with 47 wins. Spot on.

Further not withstanding the EC conference predictions it looks " almost like a lock " that in order of probability:

>> Toronto (4) vs Washington (5)

>> Washington (4) vs Toronto (5)

>> Toronto (3) vs Milwaukee (6)

Frankly I don't really like the match up vs Washington ~ two mirror teams playing one another. But a second crack at Paul Pierce will be fun...

Bottom line :

Are you happy ?

Will you only be happy with a play off series win ?

Me ~ upon reflection I am happy now regardless of Playoff performance (win / loose / blow out either way)

1) Good core

2) Cap Flexibility to build for better long term consistency

3) Buzz about the team in NBA circles - Free Agents should willingly consider Toronto as a destination even if we have to "slightly overpay". The declining value of the Canadian Dollar should also significantly help as Players are paid in USD. So their Taxes are net less in Canada based on low dollar and their cost of living is comparable to southern USA markets based on purchasing power.

4) A GM who may have lucked into this roster with a trade -- but also one who is patient and seeks value and character in building team

5) " A strong move away " from the "Babcock / Collangelo strategy" that you can build a Toronto team primarily on EURO and International Players... While the best player is always an option (USA / EURO / Other) Masai does not seem beholden to some artificial strategy. As above.. value.

03-26-2015, 08:50 PM
Things were looking so good after they rallied 4 straight against Clippers, Spurs, Washington and Atlanta. That 4 road games in 5 days was really what started this off.

My observations over the last month:
-this team is so poor at the SF spot, terrace ross is horrible and james johnson is not a starter in this league
-whatever offence vasquez provides is negated by his complete inability to stay infront of anybody
-derozan's shot selection is absolutely atrocious
-valanciunas is playing less minutes than last year

This team makes me so angry !ahhhhh

03-26-2015, 09:12 PM