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07-28-2015, 09:56 AM
On Jul. 12, the Wizards signed another veteran in Alan Anderson,

Admittedly I am soft on AA. I like his game. I know he is not an All Star or superstar but I like they way he contributes to every team he plays for.

I wanted him signed here.

Didnt happen ; we have talent, prospects, a future, youth, etc etc etc.

But the damn Wizards....

The Wizards are starting to claw at my nerves like the Knicks.... (never was a big I hate Nets - jump on the bandwagon guy).

Its not just Paul Pierce. It was the whole who has the "best back court" bs. Its the fact they did the deal for Nene and when that didnt work out they went and got Gortat too... Its the fact they did go and get Pierce last season... Its the fact that they look like a solid eastern conference team that has talent, depth albeit on average older than Toronto.

The Wizards need to bring back Michael Jordon. That should set the franchise back a few years.

07-28-2015, 02:27 PM
They also got his twin, Gary Neal. I don't think either puts them over the top. I like the Jared Dudley signing more but he's out for 4-6 months with an injury.

The one thing that keeps the Wizards from being great in the RS is health issues. They are about as formidable as anybody come playoffs (at least in the East) but I don't think they have a big window outside of Wall and Beal. Gortat and Nene are over 30+, they'll have to find better bigs to replace them.

07-29-2015, 08:31 AM
+1 :cheers:

Health specifically Wall. We will see if he can endure this whole season.

With that roster and vet ~ that should be a 45 ish - win game regular season. Health issues included.

Nene is not what he was and agreed both he and Gortat are older; but their consistency / per / contribution is at least as good as a certain Lithuanian I know wearing red.

Thing is they have both and

(1) the chance to trade out one of those "biggish contracts" for some other big
(2) draft and develop with those to bigs for the couple years it takes.

Like I say the Wizards getting on my nerves.

Their franchise "upswing" after some years of futility is exactly timed like that of the Raptors... and then they beat us soundly in the extra season.

Gonna learn to hate them as much as the Knicks...:oldlol: