View Full Version : Official 2015-16 Power Rankings Thread (Non-Rigged) #SpittingTruth

02-29-2016, 01:34 AM
Week 18:

1. Pistol Pete - Best team still, has faced some huge numbers lately and held his own despite injuries. Lock for #1 seed. Best record.

2. STAT - Winner of 7 straight, unstoppable. One Oladipo accidental benching away from 9 straight. Will likely end the regular season with 9 straight wins. Incredible.

3. Glove - Very talented but shit for brain manager who cant manage his way out of a paper bag. Will he finish the year strong or is he content with losing and barely beating teams like Navidsworld.

4. Iamgine - so boring but wins

5. GUWOP - sick team. Raped Sky and has a ridiculous AD/Kawhi combo that makes everyone moist.

6. Sky - Despite shit trades, picked up some under the radar talent and has a team that is a good fit.

7. PLR - Will likely make the playoffs despite having a shit team. YAWN

8. Rameek - Been off and on lately but has talent, likely f'd up when he let Westbrook go. Has a tough last 2 weeks so needs to BEAR DOWN and get shit done.

9. Blife - Sticking around, weak schedule, possible playoff team. Not very good.

10. Attila - Has a lot of shit but sometimes shit sticks. Can't use more than 3 moves a week now so going down the trash.

11. Skys "Friend" - Has done ok lately, faces 2 non playoff teams in next 2 weeks. Who cares about him?

12. Bird - Is kinda shit but has some hugeeee talent with Towns who can win a week by himself. Can he spoil GUWOP and Blifes seasons with 2 wins to end the year? Probably not.

13. Navidsworld - Cant trade, picks up injured guys, but sets lineup and beat GTrain recently

14. GTrain - Does the G in GTrain stand for GAVE UP? Possible. Has 4 wins all year and none in the last 7 weeks.