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10-03-2017, 08:21 PM
Week 5 Official Power Rankings


1. Flexed Khunt (4-0): Undefeated. Highest points scored. Well-deserved #1. Had some injuries to RBs this week, however RB is his best and deepest position so should be able to easily shrug it off. They say behind every successful man there is a successful woman, while his man isn't having much such success this year, Abhishek is doing his part.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/31/Russell_Wilson_vs_Vikings%2C_November_4%2C_2012.jp g/220px-Russell_Wilson_vs_Vikings%2C_November_4%2C_2012.jp g

2. UW Huskies (2-2): Big victory last week knocking off another top squad. Team know has been the top scorer for the last 2 out of 3 weeks. Leads the league in top scorer of the week honors with those 2. Doesn't have a superstar but a balanced team who just needs to have a stronger run game to rise to the top. Believes his team is much stronger than his ranking. Actively looking for trades.


3. Team 2Gurleys 1Kupp (2-2): Also is sitting at 2-2, but both his losses have been against the #1 and #2 team and he has fought respectfully so a spot at #3 is not too bad. May have the best duo in the league in Brown-Gurley as well making his team very dangerous every week. However, aside from Hyde, a very questionable supporting cast, which was exposed last week when he faced a superior squad.


4. KENT STATION SLOOSH (2-2): Another 2-2 team. Was very close to 3-1 lost in a heart breaker last week. Absolutely robbery. But as a big match-up this week to prove himself and his team against the #1 ranked team in the league, I believe he can do it. He has a strong squad and should be around the top 4 or 5 of the league all year.


5. Oh ......BJ (2-2): Yeah yeah he's getting healthy and his players are starting to perform. Has a strong duo in OBJ & Zeke which maybe as good as anyone's that is the center of his team. His supporting cast however is also pretty nice. But honestly got an extremely luck win last week stealing one in the last minute drive of Rivers/Allen. He has also only crossed 100+ just once this season. The most interesting part is he is 0-2 vs. the bottom 5 and 2-0 vs. the top 5 teams. Gotta learn to beat up on the bottom dwellers before he can move up and secure his position at top 5.

10-03-2017, 08:22 PM

6. Lol Joke (2-2): The only thing that is a lol joke right now is his team. Talent wise, this team is bottom 4 for sure. He starts Frank Gore every week like believing 35 year-old Gore will have a breakout season this year. That's maybe what he will need to make the playoffs. I like Mike Evans, but he cannot carry this team all alone. I gave him the edge over #6 because he is a defending champ where Peashant is a defending chimp.


7. Russell n Flow (2-2): Honestly, a 2-2 start despite Julio not doing much has got to feel good for this team. But do I trust this manager to keep his team afloat? fuucckk no. Has to be the worst manager in buster league history. Has never made playoffs. How do I show that in 1 sentence? Last year, at the start of week 13 (playoffs) his waiver wire budget was still $100. Sorry to say, but so far he has spent $0 this year as well. 15 year veteran and still doesn't understand how the auction waiver wire works. Let that sink in.


8. Team Rao (1-3): A victim of bad luck. Most points scored against him this season with over 510 (Only 2 other teams have allowed over 400 with 420 being the 2nd highest). Don't get me wrong, team without DJ is not good. But he got Freeman for almost free and has one of the scariest RB duos in Freeman Fournette. Thats a good start. His WRs are incredibly weak right now however but after he fixes those he could even contend for a playoff spot with 6 & 7 looking so bad. Has never missed playoffs.


9. A team has no game (2-2): We all know the embarrassing facts. He is 2nd lowest in points (by 10 to bottom) has surpassed 80 points just once. Yes yes. Computer got it. Only thing he leads the league in this season is most backfired trash talk. And you know your life is in shambles when your woman is usually the one to defend you. So you maybe wondering....how he got here....it all started with letting those preseason wins which were for regular season success somehow get into his thick head. Then he made the fatal mistake of talking trash to Super Sarve's team. Since then it's all been downhill as instead of focusing on his team, Sarve has gotten into his head. So what do you do when everything is going wrong? Well, I'd say panic and start dropping everyone lol



10. Call the Banners (1-3): Should rename his team to Call the Engineers. Because his team needs to be rebuilt and fixed. And if he doesn't do that very soon, Call the Doctors. Because his team would need to be put in life support. And soon after if no improvement, Call the Undertaker, so we can put this dead team away for good.