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qrich 03-01-2007 05:51 PM

Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
1] Boston Celtics - Greg Oden[Ohio State]

Already have the youth at the PG position and the wing next to Pierce, along with having a nice young big man in Al Jefferson, adding Oden will solidify everything they have currently in youth and what not. A Jefferson|Oden front court can be scary.

2] Memphis Grizzlies - Kevin Durant[Texas]

Imagine trying to guard a trio of Kevin Durant, Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay in the front court, then throw in sharp shooter Mike Miller at the SG spot and you have a nice team that is young and can run like crazy. If Durant lives up to his projected NBA Potential, the Grizzlies would on the right track of getting to winning ways.

3] Philadelphia 76ers - Brandon Wright[North Carolina]

The youth movement continues as having Igoudala, Carney, Korver at the wings has them set and Andre Miller is a solid PG, the 76ers need to draft a big man and Wright could be the 'Wright' choice, even though Noah would still be on the board.

4] Milwakuee Bucks - Joakim Noah[Florida]

Noah is a proven leader as he led the Gators to a national championship over the Bruins and is a pretty nice versatile player who can fit in with the Bucks pretty well and help them get into the playoffs out East.

5] Seattle Sonics - Julian Wright[Kansas]

With indications that Rashard Lewis might opt out of his contract, the Sonics might need a SF to come in and replace him, something Julian Wright can do. Wright will come in and contribute right away with the Sonics and take over Rashard Lewis' role.

6] Charlotte Bobcats - Jeff Green[Georgetown]

Here can be the most confusing pick to predict because most of the projected impact players are either PF's or C's, where the Bobcats have pretty good depth at, so Jeff Green might be the best projection as the Cats could use an extra wing player.

7] Phoenix Suns via Atlanta Hakws - Al Horford[Florida]

What a pick this would be by the Suns adding an additional big man to the roster and one that can actually play and contribute. Horford can come in and run with the Phoenix Suns running system, but he also has the upperbody strength and the strength in general to play in the post effectively.

8] Portland Trail-Blazers - Hasheem Thabeet[UConn]

Blazers already have the post presence, now, the addition of Thabeet will give them a Center next to Zach Randolph who can get up and block shots. Thabeet may be young, but he's extremelly lengthy and at 7'3 can give Randolph some rest downlow.

9] Sacramento Kings - Spencer Hawes[Washington]

Thabeet would be the Kings first choice here around this spot in my opinion, but with him going earlier, Kings have a choice between Hawes, Thornton and Jianlin and go with Hawes here. Many sites have Hawes projected to be like Brad Miller, and who better to tutor him then Brad Miller himself?

10] Chicago Bulls via New York Knicks - Yi Jianlin[China]

Bulls have youth at every spot except for Center[Ben Wallace] and Jianlin will provide just that. Yi is a nice finisher when near the basket and has exceptional handling skills for a big man. With Ben already in Chicago, he can increase his defensive skills.

11] Golden State Warriors - Al Thornton[Florida State]

A tweener like Al Harrington and has comparisons to Al Harrington. Like previous draftees, Thornton will learn the most playing behind Harrington and a running system, like the one of Donnie Nelson's, Thornton can really blossom into a pretty damn good NBA player.

12] Los Angeles Clippers via Minnesota T'Wolves - Marco Belinelli[Italy]

With Livingston most likely going to miss the season and Maggette might be getting traded, Clippers could kill two birds with one stone by drafting Belinelli from Italy. A youngster who can play 3 positions and has exceptional ball handling skills along with the basetball IQ to flourish in the NBA, Marco will be a solid player and come in and contribute right away for the Clippers squad.

13] Detroit Pistons via Orlando Magic - Acie Law IV[Texas A&M]

Pistons can use the extra depth at the PG position and with Billups being a RFA, who knows what could happen. Law is a nice young player who can hit shots in the clutch almost like nothing. Detroit could be reaching here, but sometimes, you just have to take the chance.

14] New Orleans Hornets - Thaddeus Young[Georgia Tech]

Hornets draft a solid player who has great athleticism along with work ethic and is very lengthy. Young is also a left handed player, making him more of a challenge to be guarded in the League and can be nice next to Paul and West.

15] New Jersey Nets - Corey Brewer[Florida]

With rumors of Carter most likely bolting New Jersey and going elsewhere in the offseason, be it via trade or signing, the Nets would look to get a nice young wing player in order to come in and replace him you can say. Brewer is a solid defender with pretty damn good athleticism.

16] Los Angeles Clippers - Josh McRoberts[Duke]

The Clippers add another Dukie to the roster at a position which they could need help if Sofoklis is not brought over. Clippers backup depth at the PF/C positions is very thin and McRoberts can help change that. Josh has a solid game and is a smart player, which will help him fit in right away.

17] Miami Heat - Marcus Williams[Arizona]

With Posey being out, and a lack of good point guards in the draft, Heat select Marcus Wlliams who can come in and take over Posey's role and be pretty effective at it. Marcus is a nice defender who can really help out the Heat next year.

18] Denver Nuggets - Alando Tucker[Wisconsin]

Nuggets have the AI/Melo connection, and Tucker can come in and learn from a few of the top players in the league. An athletic player who has damn good knowledge of the game along with athleticism, I think Tucker will fit right in.

19] Atlanta Hawks via Indiana Pacers - Aaron Gray[Pittsburgh]

With no PG's that are legit first rounders at this spot, the Atlanta Hawks have to look to a trade or something to get one, but they are able to fill in one whole by drafting Aaron Gray from Pitt. Gray is a solid player, even with a lack of athleticism, the Hawks can use him backing up Pachulia and eventually taking over the starting role.

20] New York Knicks via Chicago Bulls - Rudy Fernandez[Spain]

21] Charlotte Bobcats via Toronto Raptors - Marc Gasol[Spain]

22] Washington Wizards - Rudy Fernandez[Spain]

23] Los Angeles Lakers - Nick Fazekas[Nevada]

24] Phoenix Suns via Cleveland Cavaliers - Tiago Splitter[Brazil]

25] Houston Rockets - Jason Smith[Colorado State]

26] Detroit Pistons - Arron Afflalo[UCLA]

27] Utah Jazz - Morris Almond[Rice]

28] San Antonio Spurs - DJ White[Indiana]

29] Phoenix Suns - Quinton Hosley[Fresno State]

30] Philadelphia 76ers via Dallas Mavericks - Kyle Visser[Wake Forest]

statman32 03-02-2007 03:59 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
  • I dont think noah fits in well with milawukee
  • I like the horford pick but i doubt he drops that far
  • I dont like jeff green period
  • Your kidding yourself if you think marco can come in and contribute right away...I see him being more of a project
  • There is no way marc gasol goes in the first round :no:

i seen hippos 03-05-2007 02:30 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
Am I missing Hibbert?

UCLAlegend32 03-06-2007 01:47 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
wow RIP and AA on the same team. wow

the new sixers 03-06-2007 01:33 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
it is my understanding that the sixers have denvers 1st round pick

TheBigAristotle1 03-08-2007 05:06 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
Of the players I have seen enough to be confident of, here is my ranking (The real ranking is different, because I just left out a lot of players I didn't feel comfortable ranking):

Top 8:

1. Greg Oden(tie): This guy is a center, who dominates on the defensive end. His hand is messed up and that effects his offense, but he still scores 15+ ppg. NCAA is a tough league for bigmen for some reason. His numbers not being out of this world can be overlooked.

1. Kevin Durant(tie): Hands down a better player then Oden. However he is a pure 3, and I think most teams would rather have a center then another small forward. This kid will come in and have immediate impact, that's what you get from him. A guy who in his first year will be a good NBA player, garunteed.

3. Tyler Hansbrough. I doubt he will go this high, but I can't see putting one of the florida guys up here, they just aren't that good. Really. Hansborough is a beast in the post who get's it done night in a night out. He is one of the few guys who really is leading his team (besides Durant and Oden).

4. Al Horford. I know I said he didn't deserve to be here, it's just the drop off in talent is so big after the first two picks. He's a polished big man who will be a solid pro, just not a huge upside.

5. Rudy Fernandez. This will suprise people but he deserves to be up here. I saw him in the Olympics and followed his career. The guy is as good or better then Brandon Roy. Last I checked he shot over 60% from the three point line while averaging 17ppg in Euroleague play. This guy can flat out play, he is fast, athletic, can shoot, handle, finish, defend, pass. The only downside is he probably won't be a superstar.

6. Josh McRoberts. Some people think Noah should be here based on upside, but Noah is 2years older then McRoberts(I think) so even though he is more athletic that should sort of even out the debate as far as upside. Noah is a more aggresive player, a better defender, rebounder and athlete; However, McRoberts has shown something Noah hasn't: Offense. McRoberts has shown some ability to play in the post, Noah shows nothing besides dunks and layups. At the same time McRoberts shows even better passing and ball handling then Noah, while at the same time being only slightly worse at defense and rebounding. And whatever gap there is in athleticism between the two is small.

7. Alando Tucker. Suprise!!!! This guy has been painfully underrated his entire college career, he isn't flashy doesn't have great upside but he gets the job done day in day out. He finishes at the rim very well and with a lot of strength. His three point shot is average, but it isn't a liability. He is also physical enough to finish inside.

8. Joakim Noah. This guy has a lot of potential, but he could also bust completely. People ignore the fact that this is a ball handling, perimeter oriented powerforward with no jump shot. The only guy even vaguely like that is Darius Miles. And Darius Miles has point gaurd handles, freakish athleticism, good finishing skills, and arguably a better jumper then Noah.

yall's G8r bait 03-23-2007 09:15 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
i think that noah should not even be in the top 10...i like him but ppl are still overhyped from last year...horford is much better

proxy 03-26-2007 03:49 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
WOW if detroit got acie law and aaron afflalo i would soil myself even just acie i would be thrilled with that the detroit pistons would have depth at the guard positions and youth to carry them for the next gen of players wow i rather they took tarean green from florida over afflalo tho

and comparing joakim noah to darius miles is ridiculous by the way darius is 6'7" and noah is a 7 footer so a 7 footer with a quick step good ballhandling is a flash getting to the basket off screens and has a good low post game is more like amare stoudamire adn hes pretty good:hammerhead: hes an excellent rebounder hes athletic passionate he s everything and when they repeat itll boost status

drafting aaron gray is ridiculous he shouldnt go in the first round at all

Eric Cartman 04-04-2007 05:11 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
:bowdown: Durant

jaznkidd 04-04-2007 07:51 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
afflalo should not be getting drafted in the first round. Maybe take a shot with a 2nd round pick, but that is not good value. Hansborough is like Mark Madsen. Mad Dog (Madsen) also dominated in college during his years there. I'm no McRoberts fan, but apparently he has waaay more upside than Hansborough. However, I also wouldn't draft McRoberts because he consistently gets worked by Hansborough. I think Brewer can be a very good pro. Maybe not the flashiest of players, but similar impact to Tayshaun. Oden #1, then Durant. Always go for the center.

baseketball4life 04-05-2007 02:46 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
this is horrible noah #4. ur a retard.

baseketball4life 04-05-2007 02:48 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:

Originally Posted by jaznkidd
afflalo should not be getting drafted in the first round. Maybe take a shot with a 2nd round pick, but that is not good value. Hansborough is like Mark Madsen. Mad Dog (Madsen) also dominated in college during his years there. I'm no McRoberts fan, but apparently he has waaay more upside than Hansborough. However, I also wouldn't draft McRoberts because he consistently gets worked by Hansborough. I think Brewer can be a very good pro. Maybe not the flashiest of players, but similar impact to Tayshaun. Oden #1, then Durant. Always go for the center.

hansborough will stay and so will afflalo

Lakerfan1-Iceland 04-05-2007 10:56 PM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
Whats with people here and Noah??
If he gets picked in the top 10 dont even mention top 5 i feel sorry for the team that will waste that pick on him!!!
He is a poor mans Tyson chandler, or even like someone said a Darius Miles, the guy has no post game, no jump shot, isnt freakishly athletic, wants too play on the perimeter but doesnt have good handle....... i mean CMON!
Horford is a better pick for a team needing size and lowpost presence, hell i might even say that glenn big baby davis has more upside than Noah.
One more thing about Noah he is 22 years old, most of the top picks coming out are 19-20 years old.

Another thing i do not get is for instance in this mock draft Corey brewer is put at number 15???????
Here is a Richard Jefferson with more versatilty,better jump shot and better defence.
Corey can become a star, i actually think he should be a top 5 pick based on what i have seen from him he is NBA ball ready.

stunner316RKO 04-06-2007 12:16 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
Al Horford is a much better player than Noah and he will definetly be drafted over him.
Florida Players Rank
1.Al Horford
2.Corey Brewer
3.Joakim Noah
4.Lee Humphery
5.Taurian Green

stunner316RKO 04-06-2007 12:17 AM

Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft V.2.0:
Duke>North Carolina

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