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Tarik One 12-17-2006 11:25 PM

Worst Movie Sequels Ever
Blade 3

Barber Shop 2

Major League 2 and 3

Scary Movie 2

Soon to be Rocky Balboa. A disaster waiting to happen, IMO

GOBB 12-17-2006 11:28 PM

Rocky 5

American Pie (pick one)

TMacsOneGoodEye 12-17-2006 11:34 PM

I saw Rocky Balboa last week (I get to see all the movies early with my press pass press) and it was awesome.

wTFaMonkey 12-17-2006 11:44 PM

i enjoyed all of the american pie movies except for the band camp one.

but harold and kumar > all

KIWI 12-17-2006 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by GOBB

American Pie (pick one)

yeah the whole lot of them were crap!

speed 2
scary movie(pick one)
the next karate kid-with that chick:roll:
rocky 5

Qwyjibo 12-17-2006 11:52 PM

The Neverending Story 2
- The first one was a childhood classic. #2 was total garbage.

Final Destination 2 and 3
- I actually liked the first one. It was better than most "teenage horror" movies but the next 2 were crap.

T3: Rise of the Machines
- Ouch... totally unnecessary sequel.

Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
- It's a sequel... to a prequel. This one stunk though. Easily the worst in the entire series.

Tarik One 12-17-2006 11:55 PM

Rocky 5:

I remember that shady promoter in the movie who was complete ripoff of Don King. He even used one of his phrases: "Only in America". And how can you have a Rocky movie where Rocky doesn't even fight in it? That streetfight at the end doesn't count.

HoosierDaddy13 12-17-2006 11:55 PM

Boobstravaganza # 2

Voratian 12-17-2006 11:57 PM

All the Rockys after III I found awful.

I mean, Apollo getting served in like 6 minutes by an idiot Russian, whose punches are equal to a gunshot in power? Killed the grittiness of the series.

Tarik One 12-18-2006 12:00 AM


T3: Rise of the Machines
- Ouch... totally unnecessary sequel.

Lacked substance and could have been compressed into a 30 minute film. The villian was unoriginal. The Robert Patrick (liquid metal) version as much better than that broad.

picc84 12-18-2006 12:20 AM

How can anyone forget Batman and Robin.

Or Dumb and DUmberer

hateraid 12-18-2006 12:21 AM

Dumb And Dumberer. Technically a prequel but this movie does not match the classicness of the original.
Son of Mask as well. As a matter of fact, Carrey sequels that don't have Carrey.

JSub 12-18-2006 12:23 AM

All these new Disney sequels are a disgrace to Walt's legacy. Bambi 2, Little Mermaid 2, Snow White 2....I mean, come on, Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave. These are all animated classics of our childhood. They are destroying their everlasting memory with these cheap marketing productions.

Young HkM 12-18-2006 12:30 AM

Men In Black 2 was pretty bad

I usually hear bad things about 2 Fast 2 Furious and Jurassic Park 2, but I liked the both of them.

EDIT: But god damn, Barbershop 2 was so ****ty, but it got even ****tier when they had the HBO show with spinoffs of all the characters.

the even bigger black guy 12-18-2006 12:40 AM

Caddyshack 2 was the worst sequel of all time

Rocky IV was great

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