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CaptainOwlClub 04-10-2008 02:47 AM

bring back hanzlik
after ordering the nba ticket i have come to realize that the nuggets have one of the poorer tv persona's covering the team- i usually have to almost hope for the other teams coverage- bring back bill hanzlik and excitement and praise around the team-

and their is no excuse- hanzlik would be the best in the bizz- and it would be great if they would just pay scott goodman enough to come back-

just poor talent placement with altitude - hastings does sports talk from the bench- you cant have the disgruntled ex player stuff- they have to celebrate the fun the way a hanzlik would- put the boys in studio in denver or jurome jurinavich'n it on the sidelines

it is interesting sometimes when you listen & see other teams broadcasts- visually altituds is ahead of the pack-

that isnt the beginning of the image problem with the nugs but its a start

Mattbuffs6 04-10-2008 12:50 PM

Re: bring back hanzlik
Not being picky, but its Drew Goodman, not Scott.. He is now the full time Rockies guy spring-fall, and does college football in the late fall season, it's a possibility but I doubt he has the time, and he works for Fox Sports, not Altitude. I don't mind Hastings too much, but Marlowe has begun to get on my nerves. Every dunk or layup is always a nomination for the "Lexus Drive of the Game", I know Kroenke and Co. are smarter people/businessmen to allow this guy to stay around long. The female sideline reporter (forggt her name) is OK but it seems we can do better. I agree though with Goodman and Hanzlik, even when the Nugs were terrible they were always really good broadcasters.

CaptainOwlClub 04-10-2008 03:12 PM

Re: bring back hanzlik
i dont really like marlowe but i think he looks worse because he has to cover for hastings a little and try to get it back to positive

my bad on goodman- i bet if he wanted to $$$ goodman could work for two companies

i dont mind hastings- i jus think he belongs in the studio show, doing interviewsn ad shows- just not calling the game- hanzlick was so good as a nuggets promoter during the game- that is how thegood announcing teams around the leauge- there are some others that are negative like the jazz and bulls or others that are sportstalk like the nugs and nets, but hastings is no MARK JACKSON(our next head coach) -they ask mark jackson stuff all game long just cause he knows his stuff-

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