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DoctorP 12-19-2015 05:32 PM

The further adventures...
I will log my streetball adventures here for my own amusement.

Doctor P
Strengths: Shooting, Agility, Defense, Passing
Weaknesses: Stamina, Strength, Jumping Ability
Age: 37

Saturday 12.19.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

Diet is so important. I've been eating mostly veggies and grains with little protein, so naturally, when I only had broccoli with some coffee this morning before going to play I didn't have much strength to play at my best level. This scenario is something I am used to so I played through the low energy, trying not to excerpt too much of myself, which kept me a step slow against really lame competition. The day was clear, but windy. Slightly cool, low-70's. The wind would carry the ball a bit at times. In the first game, the guys were older, craftier dudes with a lot of weight on them. And they were taking me down to the post so I really had little chance. My teammates were at the same level as our comp. I am the lone shark and I usually will be asked to join or I will jump in with the group. This is the usual M.O. I scored a few points but I was not in any position to be an alpha dog. Lost that game. I played 2 more games against some scrub early 20's-somethings and then against some better-skilled college guys. Lost all of them. After the games, I cooled down and put up shots for about an hour and it was over.

Lesson? I guess if there was a lesson from today's workout it's this: Sometimes not getting injured is the best victory of all. I walked away from it all pain free and I appreciated that. Some of these guys are heavy and are pushing their weight around recklessly.

DoctorP 12-23-2015 04:41 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Wednesday 12.23.15 3.5 hour low impact workout.

Not a very eventful day today. I just wanted to shoot around. I got to the court round 1100AM and it was very windy. This, combined with an overinflated ball and a weak wrist-whip release by muah had me missing everything. I felt real sluggish for a couple of hours. The cigarettes (Marlboro Lights) I had smoked during the week may have slowed me a bit, I'm not sure. Some kids were playing on the court but I didn't feel compelled to join in. After a couple of hours I gained my second wind and started hitting more shots. I'm still not happy with my discipline. I've been putting up J's and free-throws but I have not been doing any of my usual lay-up drills or pushups. Those drills really helped me add muscle and improve my targeting but they are boring and I couldn't hype myself up to do them. I need to get back to those drills. Still, I had fun, got sun and got a full body workout. That's a W.

DoctorP 12-26-2015 05:38 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Saturday 12.26.15 3.5 hour mid impact workout.

The court was packed when I got there but it started raining so I waited for a little bit and the rain went away. I found a water-sweeper and cleared the water out and it evaporated in about 8 minutes. The courts were now empty and all mine.

I worked out for about an hour and my shot was falling real nice-like. I didn't think anyone was coming so I pulled off some sprint/layup drills where I basically run up and down the court full sprint and lay it up.

This was exhausting and of course some young players got there as I was finishing my drills and asked me to play. It was a fun game, I don't even remember if I had won or not but I drove in for a sweet layup and hit a few shots. Not bad for being exhausted.

Then, some other young men came and asked me to play full-court. I was down but when we started playing I noticed these guys didn't know how to play and were starting to pick fights so I "gracefully bowed out". That shit ain't my thing anymore. I started stretching and tried to hit some frees while tired and this other group asked me to join in.

These guys were young but knew how to play. They knew how to pass and play 'D'. I was not able to show them much, though. I was exhausted. My shot was dead. I think I had one good block on em but the star of the game was a tall lanky asian/american dude. This guy was cutting well and shooting the ball at a high clip. I tried to feed him the rock every time I could and he was converting. I had 5-6 assists finding this kid.

Unfortunately, I was at my wits end. I was so exhausted I started forgetting if I was on defense or offense and I was playing bad defense. Not a good showing by me but, hey, I was tired. By the end of the match the score was close and the asian dude had the ball. He was covered by the baseline and I told him to kick it out but he wisely ignored me, took the game winner and made it. Money.

The lesson for me today was this: I need to play better and more focused when I'm tired. This means relearning and remembering to keep my head in the game and not wavering to exhaustion when depleted. When I started focusing I was able to find my way outside of the paint, provide spacing and find some open dudes for assists.

Good times.

DoctorP 12-28-2015 06:13 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Monday 12.28.15 3 hour low impact workout.

Did the usual, not much else to log. I have been getting my legs under me again and realizing that my leg strength is not what it was pre-injury (I had a high sprain a month back and I took a month off, was in bed for like 2 weeks straight on "meds") so now when I am hitting some turn-around J's I'm reminded that "oh, yeah... I just took a month off". I have to work more to get back to my pre-injury level.

Now I'm wondering if I should continue pushing myself until I get to super-sayan mode or if I should just chill before I get a repeated-usage injury. I've been playing consistently since spring. I'm not trying to make it into any leagues over here, I am just trying to stay in shape, plus I don't have any insurance. I'm a passionate guy but I'm also a second-class citizen. I may need to slow it down for my own sake...passion can get me killed.

A conundrum, perhaps.

DoctorP 12-30-2015 07:53 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Wednesday 12.30.15 1.5 hour low impact workout.

So, I ended up taking it easy today. The court was packed and I shot around for awhile. I met this beautiful girl who was there with her boyfriend. Her facial structure was model-quality... I don't think she was wearing much makeup. She had long legs, too. Sexy as hell. She was shooting around in golden slippers. Anyways, she wasn't sure if the guy was her boyfriend or not. He hadn't made it clear to her. She was probably 19 or 20 years old. She used to play power-forward and had a good stroke (ahem). We shot around and I had told her that I had done something similar with my ex-fiancee and that communication is probably the most important thing in a relationship. Anyways, we just talked and shot the ball around and I didn't really feel comfortable asking her for her number. She's probably too young for me and her guy was eyeing me the whole time like some kind of wild bird. Besides, my heart belongs to another gal I've been talking to...

DoctorP 01-26-2016 09:38 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Tuesday 1.26.16 2.5 hour low inpact workout.

I have been slowing it down a little bit as of late. Hitting the courts about twice a week but still maintaining a decent shape. I havent felt like playing in any pickup games because I have been paranoid of getting injured and because I have seen these kids play reckless as hell. For example, I saw this one kid who was much taller and stronger just bullying the other kids in the paint and he had a jumpshot so he was going full-Lebron out there on these kids. Then this 6'2'' african american dude showed up and the kids got all excited that a slick-talking black dude wanted to run with them (he actually sucked) and they proceeded to run full court. I just sat back and laughed as the teens (18-20 year olds I guess) became this dudes bitch who was barking orders and having them go all out. The bigger kid who was going full-Lebron earlier also was going all out, diving for loose balls until finally someone slammed into the side of his knee and he obviously had a problem because he couldn't put any weight on it but he walked it off and eventually played with a huge gait. The kid had potential for some small college ball so I just felt bad that he was wasting it on these little guys. Sorry, brother, looks like that knee might need some surgery now. So after seeing this shit I have been wary of going out there and playing hard with these types. I do feel great though as I have been drilling and putting up tons of shots. I am going to continue working on cardio but it's nothing like playing in a real game. I'm guessing I'll probably get winded if I ran full-court... I don't know.

The last tale for today consists of dudes that play pick-up ball after working as waiters in restaurants. Seeing these dudes play in Italian shoes and black dress pants is hilarious and unfortunately probably damaging to their feet. They asked me to play and I acted like a real cunty snob by just looking at the Italian shoes and shaking my head "no thanks".

The end.

Lebron23 01-28-2016 12:41 AM

Re: The further adventures...
I love reading your thread. Keep updating us with your progressed.

Levity 02-04-2016 05:21 PM

Re: The further adventures...
fun reads about life, love, and basketball, OP :lol

keep it up!

DoctorP 02-22-2016 10:39 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Monday 2.22.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

I've been taking it easy lately. Nothing much to report that is much different than the last few entries. I have been working on my conditioning and playing in a few pick-up games to stay in good shape. My three-point shot has become consistent which shocks me. I have always been intimidated to shoot the three but now I find that I am even more consistent a foot away from the three-point line so I can use the full extension of my arm-length.

I really have been enjoying myself. The weather has been prime and playing a perimeter-style game in street ball keeps me feeling fresh since I really don't put much effort by trying to overpower anyone in the paint anymore.

And since I have been relaxing more I have been checking out the little babies trying to play baseball at the field next to the court and it is freakin adorable. They must be like 6 years old and still trying to find their mechanics and it is not unlike watching an atari baseball game from the 80's with simplistic AI. Any time there's a base hit they will just try to field the ball and lift their hands in the air to signal that they have the ball and they don't even try to make a play at the plate. Hilarious. Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

It all made me realize this: Professional sports are not the most important thing about the sports world. Seeing these babies develop their personalities, physical mechanics and confidence is as (or more) important than any World Series or NBA Finals.

Then today I saw these 12 year old girls playing a league basketball game and this girl on a fast-break pulled up from the freethrow line, shot it over the backboard and all I could do was smile and clap in support at the awesomeness of it all.

PS> I have been killing everybody on the court. I need more comp. Just too easy.

DoctorP 03-31-2016 07:28 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Monday 2.22.15 4.5 hour medium/high impact workout.

Well, after taking the winter easy I have started to notice a gradual decline down the "mountain of fitness". I have been working out about 1 time a week the last few weeks.

This ends this week.

With spring here I have no excuse to say "well if I lived up north I would be snowed in" or "if I keep at this I will get degenerative injuries".

No. I am back on the court. Older and slower than ever but still with the best jumpshot I have ever had. And with higher IQ than most.

Today I played 5 games and won them all. I lost another game but I won't count that one because I shot 5-5 and only lost because two brothers decided to ball hog and do these wannabee Kyrie Irving dribbles into the lane and then jack up crappy shots. That isn't basketball, you dorks, Kyrie Irving knows the fundamentals at the least. You two are nut riders at worst and clones at best.

Anyways, I played with some dudes that knew how to play and killed in half court games. We had the passing going Spurs-style and both my dudes were attacking, I just had to sit back and rack up assists.

Then we played a full-court and killed the other team that had two low IQ but athletic bigs that thought I wouldn't play tough D on em. They were wrong. We won. The end. Booooooooom.

Lesson for today: Gonna play hard, gonna feel the BURN. My legs are done for today and tomorrow. I may bike tomorrow just to stretch em. Maybe not. I wouldnt mind doing some yoga tho.

Lebron23 04-01-2016 02:05 PM

Re: The further adventures...
You are almost 40 and still playing basketball. Props to you.

DoctorP 04-01-2016 03:21 PM

Re: The further adventures...

Originally Posted by Lebron23
You are almost 40 and still playing basketball. Props to you.

Thanks. This train ain't stopping until the wheels come off. I want to be 80 and still out there like a turtle throwing up some shots.

Lebron23 04-01-2016 11:21 PM

Re: The further adventures...

Originally Posted by DoctorP
Thanks. This train ain't stopping until the wheels come off. I want to be 80 and still out there like a turtle throwing up some shots.

:cheers: :rockon: :applause: :bowdown: :rockon: :cheers:

01amberfirewv 04-02-2016 04:59 PM

Re: The further adventures...

Originally Posted by DoctorP
Thanks. This train ain't stopping until the wheels come off. I want to be 80 and still out there like a turtle throwing up some shots.

I'm 37 as well and have the same attitudes. It seems like I go through spurts where everything is hurting or I only have 1 injury. I rarely ever play pain free but I don't want to not play. I've found myself standing on the 3 point line when I am hurting though so I guess I adjust my game for the way I feel

DoctorP 04-22-2016 09:59 PM

Re: The further adventures...
Friday 4.22.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

I'm doing okay. Has it really been a month? Unbelievable. I was doing well after my last update but then I guess I got cocky and decided I needed to "chill" to congratulate myself on feeling good about my productivity. This led to me to go into a weed coma for about three weeks. This is not productive for me in the least. I basically went into "low-power mode" and just watched terrible Youtube clickbait content for about two weeks, barely getting out of the apartment. Weed does this to me. I don't know why I keep going to it, I guess I really like it. It pisses me off that I give into my addiction and cease to function normally but eventually I was able to stop smoking enough to get my wits about me again and begin to work out. Today, I basically ran, played shitty 3 on 3s and tried to get the cobwebs out of my system. A successful re-entry back into the world of fitness. Damn, I'm sore. The worst thing was a group of high-schoolers watched me pull some old-man shit like flubbing a layup while getting no lift and did their "monkey excitement" thing where they run around and laugh like cartoon characters.

Today's lesson: I'm a weed zombie. I need to seriously limit my weed intake to almost nil. Also: Don't get cocky, stay consistent.

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