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tpols 10-07-2017 01:26 PM

Re: Media is pushing this Curry vs Westbrook narrative
You guys talking spacing when the biggest spacing differential of all was curry (you know..the greatest shooter of all time) vs westbrook...crappy shooter / spacer. Even when the thunder had harden running with wb and KD and Ibaka that was plenty of spacing. But they didn't run a motion team offense like golden state because westbrook couldn't unlock that next level tier of spacing curry could. A Stephen orchestrated offense will ALWAYS be better than a westbrook led offense given equal talent. Plus curry has been a better playoff performer, is better in crunchtime, and he beat him H2H by every measure. Its just been an all around kicking of bricks ass by wardell. :lol

guy 10-07-2017 01:39 PM

Re: Media is pushing this Curry vs Westbrook narrative
There's a reason Curry was just voted by GMs as the best PG in the league and it wasn't really close.

Do people just look at stats and say Westbrook is better? He's maybe the dumbest superstar in the league and is obviously hard to play with.

CTbasketball92 10-07-2017 01:54 PM

Re: Media is pushing this Curry vs Westbrook narrative

Originally Posted by KiiiiNG
In a playoff series, with similar talent surrounding them, Westbrook would eat Curry's lunch and beat him over the skull with his power rangers lunch box. Curry is incredibly soft and easily shut-down in the playoffs by physical defense and constant pressure

This year Westbrook will finally be able to assert some level of defense in the playoffs plus will also be able to get better looks on offense due to having George/Anthony space the floor and draw attention away from him.

Westbrook will dominate Curry in similar way to how LeBron has dominated him for 3 straight years in the finals. His size, strength, athleticism, and high motor will devastate Curry on both ends while Steph employs the Lamelo Ball style of play - throw up shots from 35 feet and hope they fall :lol

It's not even close, Westbrook is 20x better than Steph

YES lol. People think because he played with KD they had similar talent, but that's not the case. Westbrook and Kevin Durant had to do so much just to keep OKC in the game because they didnt have that bench

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