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PP34Deuce 07-16-2006 02:14 AM

Shawn Marion GOOF....

Shawn Marions rookie or second year in the league, on a Jumpball he goes UP for a dunk,in midair realizes hes on his TEAMS basket.

A Loyal NJ Fan 07-16-2006 02:17 AM

...Why is Shaq there?

Young HkM 07-16-2006 02:19 AM

That's hella weird that it's the Rockets vs. the Suns, yet they manage to show Shaq on the bench laughing. Doesn't look like Marion was the only one to mess-up

boshraptor4life 07-16-2006 02:19 AM

Because the game is the Lakers vs Suns? Actually it's the Rockets-Suns, but it's like a highlight reel of bloopers, so then probably had that video of Shaq laughing in multiple places.

Young HkM 07-16-2006 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by boshraptor4life
Because the game is the Lakers vs Suns.

It's definately the Rockets. Check the pinstripes from the old jerseys. That's them.

A Loyal NJ Fan 07-16-2006 02:22 AM


Originally Posted by boshraptor4life
Because the game is the Lakers vs Suns.

Looks like the Rockets to me. :confusedshrug:

ScottStuart 07-16-2006 03:09 AM

they just edited it and put a shaq clip in there. Come on guys.

EJ NY 151 07-16-2006 03:11 AM

Lmao, that is hilarious. Yea, its Rockets-SUns... i think the Shaq clip was just edited in and added for effect. This video is from a show looking at goofs, and not like an ESPn replay. So the show probably edits in things when making their blooper reels, to add effect or something.. but the play is real i think

Bosh4life 07-16-2006 03:22 AM

Well it has to be real i don't knwo why you would spend a tremendous ammount of time making something like that.

ShannonElements 07-16-2006 04:41 AM


That's pretty hilarious. And anytime you add Shaq that just makes it better.:D

kentatm 07-16-2006 04:44 AM

Mavs - 58
Spurs - 38

KingofKings718 07-16-2006 11:08 AM

Could be because the Lakers were the next tomato can for the Suns.

NBAfan32 07-16-2006 02:00 PM

Lol. His face after the dunk attempt looking confused like he didnt know what even happened.

Dick Biggly 07-16-2006 02:01 PM

Shaq likes to show up at random places in full uniform and wearing a towel around his head to laugh at other people's misfortune.

PP34Deuce 07-16-2006 02:18 PM

that was marions rookie year, He was pumped to do sumthing lol, he was showing that crackhead speed.

Thorpesaurous 07-16-2006 02:21 PM

That happened to a kid on my team in HS during a pre season scrimmage, and I chased him down and blocked him. We still harass him about it whenever we see him.

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