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razzredazzre 06-13-2013 08:24 AM

dribbling the ball with top speed
I'm a quite fast dude but sometimes during fastbreaks I lose my ball handling if I go top speed sprinting. So during fast breaks I'm more tend to just give up the ball to someone else. My half court ball handling is good but I just don't feel the ball as well when I'm sprinting down the court top speed.

Jason Kidd in his prime seemed to be even faster with the ball in his hands, lol.

Basic standing ball handling drills don't seem to help.. obviously running down the court dribbling seems the best to improve this but still having a lot of trouble..

As a short backcourt dude, this inability to finish fastbreaks consistently is driving me nuts.

Any tips??

Rake2204 06-13-2013 10:40 AM

Re: dribbling the ball with top speed
For starters, I'd suggest dribbling out ahead of your body if you're in the open floor at top speed. Keeping that dribble close to your body when attempting to stride out and break away just creates situations where it's much more likely you will lose control of the rock because it's trajectory cannot keep up with your speed. Placing the ball out ahead of your body allows you to sprint and catch up to the ball as you make your way down court.

As with any other part of dribbling, I'd also recommend pounding the rock as hard as you can. The quicker and stronger you can make it come back to you, the more reliable that handle will be. I'd also say be cognizant of when it's speed dribble time and when it's protect dribble time. In flat out foot races, pushing the dribble ahead works. But if it's going to be a matter of weaving, accelerating, crossing, I think 1-on-1 full court dribbling drills could be of assistance.

Swaggin916 06-17-2013 12:45 AM

Re: dribbling the ball with top speed
Yea I usually just more or less chuck the ball in front of me when dribbling at full speed when nobody is around. I would recommend practicing on your own time with no defenders... do it enough and you will get comfortable with it just like anything else.

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