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InspiredLebowski 03-27-2010 11:05 AM

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
For those that don't know the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is a yearly meeting of statisticians, GMs, presidents, scouts, all the people who help put together a franchise. They discuss advancements in the utilization of advanced statistics in team building.

I seem to have been the only person on all of InsideHoops that gives a damn about this thing, but TrueHoop's put up a great 90 minute panel discussion called "What the Geeks Don't Get." It includes Daryl Morey (Rockets GM), Bill Simmons, Jonathan Kraft (Patriots prez), Bill Polian (Colts prez), Mark Cuban, and Michael Lewis (Moneyball author) mediates. In the panel they discuss what these advanced statistical models aren't capable of showing, but it really becomes an overarching discussion of how many teams in both the NFL and NBA are going about selecting their players. If you want some insights into where there future of sports is heading, this is it, and I find it fascinating.

Yeah, it's 90 minutes, but I was enthralled by all of it.

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