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Real Men Wear Green 09-11-2013 06:47 AM

Von Miller's whirlwind of stupid continues.
Dumb and dumber.

If he was involved with the murder that he's going to be a witness in the trial of that would bump it up to new heights but so far he's been a tidal wave of petty violations. Suspended for testing positive to many times for weed and amphetamines, last month he was busted for not appearing in court for traffic violations and now we have him caught speeding without a license when he easily could have just had his father drive the car.

I wonder if he's just trying to see how many minor incidents he can have before the Broncos cut him.

NuggetsFan 09-11-2013 07:15 AM

Re: Von Miller's whirlwind of stupid continues.
Just a stupid immature young adult. Players know when there getting tested yet he still got busted. Isn't the first 24 year old to do E or smoke pot, I'd bet a good chunk of the league also participates in those activities. He just happens to be one of the slow kids in the class who got caught.

Not showing up to court for traffic violations? Just incredibly stupid and lazy. Stuff like that doesn't even worry me, just makes me shake my head. Same with the recent driving one. Easily avoidable stuff.

Luckily none of that stuff has ever affected his performance on the field. Just gotta hope he's learned his lesson and this will be the last suspension.

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