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paytonfan 05-28-2008 05:56 PM

Sonics need to make these moves...
Here is my annual pre draft trade idea. Last year I was a little over ambitious... hopefully this seems more plauseable.

1. Send Chris Wilcox and filler to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich and filler. This works for the Bulls as the free up the space in the back court for Rose and gives them a slightly better offensive option at PF/C to go with Gooden (Thomas and/or Noah need to be traded). This works for Seattle when you see their next moves.

2. Trade Ridnour and one of our lesser centers (Sene?) to Miami for Udonis Haslem. Makes room for Beasley in Miami and gives them an upgrade a PG.

3. Draft Brook Lopez.

This would give us a starting team of:

C Lopez
PF Haslem
SF Green
SG Durant
PG Hinrich

To me this is a very young / well balanced team. I have to believe Hinrich just needs a change of scenery. He is the sort of player that could lead these guys. I just think Bayless would be a good player but he wouldn't address our front court/decade long needs.

With a front court of Haslem and Lopez (Petro, Swift and Collison as backup) we finally have a balanced front court. One offensive minded and the other defensive with a mid range jumper.

What you all think?

jailer 05-28-2008 07:49 PM

Re: Sonics need to make these moves...
These arent very good moves man. You bring haslem who is not a viable option on offense. Then you bring in hinrich who is coming off his worst season ever. You bring him into a worst situatin then he was just in. What makes you thinkall of a sudden he will turn intothe player that chicago wanted him to be? You lose wilcox yor most dependable player. You are right in trying to move ridnour but I would go for something else besides haslem.

paytonfan 05-28-2008 09:16 PM

Re: Sonics need to make these moves...
Fair points. But I intended that Haslem was the role player not the offensive player, Lopez was. He won't be ready for a year in that role but either will the team. Maybe then instead of Haslem we do all the dealing with Chicago and get either Thomas or Noah could be the defensive PF we need. As for Hinrich a decent PG with a bit of experience but not over the hill is what this team needs not a rookie. Watson is pure bench and Ridnour has peaked. Care to think of a better option... TJ Ford, Calderon?

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