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All Net 01-22-2007 09:10 PM

Arenas Announces next 50 point Victim
Yep, it's portland Nate Mcmillian


For the record, Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas doesn't count Tuesday's game against the Phoenix Suns as the Part II of the Vendetta Tour.

"No, I already did what I said I was going to do to them," Arenas said. "The next team is Portland. One down, one to go."

Arenas dropped 54 points on the Suns in an overtime victory at Phoenix last month, his way of unleashing his frustrations against anyone who might have had anything to do with his not making the U.S. team for last summer's world championships. Suns coach Mike D'Antoni and Portland coach Nate McMillan were assistants on that team, which was led by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

In fact, Arenas, who has scored 50-plus three times this season, wrote on his blog that the Portland game will be 50-point game No. 4.

"The most important game is on Feb. 11," Arenas wrote. "Well, it's not the most important, but that's the game I'm going to say is my next 50-pointer. ... Tune in. I think ESPN or TNT needs to pick that game up."

After hearing all this, D'Antoni did the only thing he could -- he cracked an Arenas-worthy joke.

"I can't wait to see what he does against Duke," D'Antoni said. "He's gonna KILL Duke."

So, with the revenge angle out of the way, all that's left for Tuesday is a matchup between two MVP candidates -- Phoenix's Steve Nash and Arenas -- in a game between featuring the two highest scoring teams in the league, both in contention for a No. 1 conference seed.

And there's one more thing. The Suns have won 13 straight. They also had a 15-game streak earlier this season. Guess who ended it?

That's right. The Wizards.

"I'm not even going to address that," Wizards forward Caron Butler said. "Because I don't want to jinx us."

The Wizards are on a run of their own, a 10-game home winning streak, the longest since the Verizon Center opened in 1997. The home fans have recently been serenading Arenas with chants of "M-V-P," but Arenas has consistently said that Nash is the deserving front-runner.

"He's leading, and that's it. If it ended today, he's MVP. Period," Arenas said. "When you're playing that well as a team, you going to always be a candidate. He has a great supporting cast. They're on a streak again. When you go on streaks like that, it's hard to knock him from being MVP."

The Suns don't seem upset by memories of the 54-point game, or by any of Arenas' antics. Like everyone else, they realize it's just Arenas being Arenas.

"He doesn't do anything that's necessarily disrespectful," Nash said. "I think he plays the game with a great spirit and he certainly is his own person. I think everyone commends the great season he's having."

Lakers 01-22-2007 09:13 PM

He asking to get hurt.

Inadvertently of course. :ohwell:

Brag about dropping personal accomplishments on another team at your own peril.

bigboi_baller 01-22-2007 09:20 PM

This could get interesting.

ISH needs to have a countdown clock until game day.

Lakers 01-22-2007 09:40 PM

IMO this smacks clearly of his over-compensation about being a 2nd rounder.You just don't see this type of talk by 25+ year old NBA veteran stars done.

To brag about what your team is going to do to another team or about the stand alone topic of how talented you are are common things we see in pro bball. To brag about what YOU are going to do to another team without even mentioning winning or losing is completely another. Arenas used to seem like a smart guy to me, but it looks like my initial impression was wrong about him.

geeWiz15 01-22-2007 09:42 PM


Gilbert... shut up and play basketball..

you can have your 50 but if you put up 30+ FGA with poor shooting and we lose to the BLAZERS I am gonna have your HEAD.


"I can't wait to see what he does against Duke," D'Antoni said. "He's gonna KILL Duke."
:oldlol: nice one.

nugsfreak 01-22-2007 09:49 PM

his head is so big it must be ready to explode, I just hope it gets back to nornal size soon as he could be asking for trouble. I am pretty sure teams will start to put X's on his back if he keeps up his big mouth.

B-Low 01-22-2007 09:52 PM

The Blazers are a cold hearted band of outcasts with troubled minds and nothing to lose. He shouldn't talk trash to them because they WILL take him out lol

All Net 01-22-2007 10:03 PM


If Gil scores 50 and wizards still lose, will he still brag?

FPower 01-22-2007 10:08 PM

This is what I love to see. Gilbert's awesome, I've got no other words him. Announcing that you're going to drop 50 on someone AHEAD of time? Huge balls. I was already a fan, but he's turning it up another level. Now if they could just change those hideous uniforms...

FPower 01-22-2007 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by All Net

If Gil scores 50 and wizards still lose, will he still brag?

No way. He may talk like he's nuts, but I think he actually knows what's up when you really get down to it.

ThaKid 01-22-2007 10:17 PM

hes so weird now, im kinda losing respect

DeuceWallaces 01-22-2007 10:35 PM

He is so crazy I'm starting to like him.

The Italian 01-22-2007 10:42 PM

Gil is officialy one of the cockiest players in the league. He better not keep on talking or some people will purposley try and take him out.

Mahmoud 01-22-2007 10:47 PM

He sounds like a big baby. "Boo-Hoo, they didn't pick me for the Olympic Team." Get over it. I mean, STFU and play. This act will get tired real quick and the people who are cheering him now will begin to boo him as he starts to descend into Kobe-world. Notice that he doesn't have the balls to make that kind of guarantee when he's going up against Bowen, or another guy who might take him out.

billybadass 01-22-2007 10:48 PM

many ppl here could drop 50 on portland

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