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KB24Fan 07-12-2009 09:29 PM

Mavericks worst waste of talent EVER!!!!
The Dallas Mavs have been one of the best teams this decade. Disregard the years the Lakers won and the Mavericks could have easily won at least one title.02-03 they lost a Spurs team they were better than.05-06 Finals debacle against the Heat,where Dwayne Wade single handedly one the Heat that championship.06-07 when non of the Maverick players could rise to the occassion against a Warrior team they were better than, lost in what could be the greatest playoff upset ever. I just the don't understand 3 chances to win a ring and they let all those chances past them by. Now Dirk is out of his prime Carlise isn't a championship coach and Mark Cuban losing his head I don't think the Mavs will ever get it done, well at least not anytime.Barring the Malone,Stockton tandem this has to be the MOST talented teams to never win a ring POOR Mark Cuban.

Silent Mav 07-13-2009 01:28 PM

Re: Mavericks worst waste of talent EVER!!!!
Seeing as how Dirk got hurt in game 3 of the SA series in 2002-2003 and didn't play in the final 3 games, I don't see how they were better than the Spurs at that point.

Miami is not worth mentioning.

And even though Nellie knew how to best negate Dirk in that series, and noone else stepped up. There were no guarantees they were goint to take it all.

Are you trying to take attention away from the Lakers team with Malone, Payton, Kobe and Shaq that didn't win a ring?

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