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insidehoops 04-26-2011 03:34 PM

Kings owners still waiting to hear back from league about Anaheim
On Sunday, Joe Maloof said his family was "waiting to hear" from Stern and still reviewing options to stay in Sacramento or flee to Anaheim before deciding on a course of action. With the May 2 application deadline nearing, one other option is being considered: the threat of an antitrust lawsuit, though the Maloofs are not known as litigious types. Emotional, yes. Engaged, yes. But willing to sit in courtrooms for years listening to tedious legal testimony? To get down and dirty while the NBA is in the midst of intense labor negotiations? With a potential lockout looming? With fellow owners speculating about their long-term financial viability? Not likely. Sacramento Bee

Nonetheless, this figures to be an eventful week. The Maloofs are stubborn. If Stern nudges them toward Sacramento at least for another year, they will not submit quietly. The notion that several of their colleagues oppose the move, that the relocation committee is less than enthusiastic about their plans, and that there is speculation within the national media about the state of their financial empire further rankles. Sacramento Bee

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