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DueceDime210 02-11-2008 12:47 PM

What am I doing wrong?
I need some help I am second to last in my league...

PG-Dwyane Wade
SG-Kevin Martin
G-Ben Gordon
SF-Tayshaun Prince
PF-Andrei Kirilenko
F-Kenyon Martin
C-Carlos Boozer
C-Nenad Kristic
F-Richard Jefferson
F-Kyle Korver
C-Tyson Chandler
G-Tony Parker
G-Devin Harris

What do I need to do? Any (serious,no sarcastic) help appriciated, Thanks

nkjordan23 02-11-2008 02:05 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
From first glance, it looks to me like you have a lot of one dimensional players who do very little else but score (i.e Jefferson, Martin, Gordon, Prince, Korver).

From what I can see, you arent dominating in any cats looking at your team. Do you play in a head-to-head league? It all depends on the league format in order for me to help you.

Regardless, I think you need to look into trading a few of the guys mentioned above (Jefferson and Gordon) for either a good PG or a good PF/C. Your main assists come from Wade, Parker, and Harris which doesnt seem like enough to me. It looks like Chandler and AK are your only shot blockers and that is a concern as well. Chandler barely averages over a block a game and you never know with AK what hes gonna do on a nightly basis.

What free agents are left in your league that may be able to drop Krystic for?

Lastly, stay positive. You have been dealing with lots of injuries all season it looks like. Wade, AK, Martin, Gordon, and Chandler have all missed some games and that doesnt help.

DueceDime210 02-11-2008 02:21 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for the reply.. I play in a rotisserie scoring league..there are 12 teams. Yeah I have three guys injured now..Parker, Chandler, and Harris...Here are some of the free agents in my league...

Stephon Marbury
Troy Murphy
Tim Thomas
Luther Head
Charlie Bell
Jason Kapono
Mike Conley
Robert Swift
Al Thornton
Jorge Garbajosa
J.R. Smith
Erick Dampier
Rasual Butler
Chuck Hayes
Mikki Moore
Bruce Bowen
John Salmons
Ronnie Brewer
Jamario Moon
Francisco Garcia
Steve Blake
Jeff Foster
Daniel Gibson
Michael Finley
Travis Outlaw

nkjordan23 02-11-2008 02:29 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
If I were you, I think I would start by picking up Murphy for Krystic.

Also, you really need to keep up with all the trades going on for the next couple weeks before the deadline. Salmons and Garcia could gain huge value if Artest is traded elsewhere. Especially Salmons. Foster and Outlaw have been solid contirbutors too, but I dont think they are worthy of being picked up.

Like I was saying before though, the injury big hit you. What I would do is wait on the injured guys to return and raise their stock and then throw something out there for either a PG or a PF/C. In the meantime, monitor the trade situations floating around and stay on top of things. You may be able to turn things around.

One last idea for you is to look into trading your biggest asset, Wade. Maybe you could score a 2 for 1 and get back two really good players. That could help you gain more in a few cats as well. Just something to think about.

DueceDime210 02-11-2008 02:41 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
Ok I dropped Krystic and added Murphy..So I'm going to take the advice and see what I can get for far as the injuries go I guess I have to wait them out...So who do you think I should pick up for Wade?

nkjordan23 02-11-2008 02:52 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
It's tough to tell you who to trade for because I dont know what the other teams look like, but try something like Wade for maybe Deron Williams/Calderon and Okafor/Gasol. You can always shoot high on someone. Just dont shoot to low and then regret it. Basically my idea is to get someone who is a top 25 player at either the PG or PF/C position and make the second guy a solid source of assists or rebounds/blocks.

Come up with a few yourself and post them here if you are unsure and we can determine if the trade helps you enough or not.

DueceDime210 02-11-2008 06:18 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
Ok I like those picks...Here are some of the guys I could put an offer in for...Odem/Felton, Baron Davis/Yao, Gasol/Calderon, Camby/Kaman, Okafor/T.J Ford, Al Harrington/Brandon Roy... Those are just a few trades I could make...And I already put Wade on the trading block so I can also see if people are going to offer anything for him.

nkjordan23 02-11-2008 06:55 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
You are in the right mindset...I would look into the Calderon/Gasol trade specifically. I think that is a potentially good deal for you. Also, check and see if the guy with Kaman has a decent PG that you could add to that deal. You probably wont get Camby right now, but Kaman is a buy-low right now since hes been banged up and slumping a little. Give it a day or two since you have the all start break and see if anyone throws anything your way. Then you can start tossing offers out.

DueceDime210 02-11-2008 07:44 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
So the Gasol/Calderon deal is my first option..The PG's the guy with Kaman has are not that great, the best one he has is Jaamal Crawford. His others are Jason Williams and Jarret Jack. Although he does have good fowards : Shawn Marion, Jamison, Gerald Wallace, Rasheed Wallace. Maybe if the first deal doesnt pan through, I could take a look at some of those fowards or no? Well the break could help restore some of my injured players.

nkjordan23 02-11-2008 08:11 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
Thats what I was thinking. You may want to sit back and see how your players respond to the break. Some of their stock is low right now so maybe if they get out of their funk, you can use them as an extra player in a trade or maybe they will gain back their value completely and you wont even need to make a deal. That guy with the forwards could be an intersting option though. You may want to take a stab at marion too. There are a lot of people including myself who are/were unsure about his value post-trade. This is the lowest he will probably go this season cause I have a feeling the doubters will be high on him in a week or two and get over the idea of him playing on a new team. I'm not quite sure what kind of deal you could come up with there, but if you were send something out right now, I'd start with the Calderon/Gasol deal and see where that goes.

benJAMin 02-13-2008 08:39 PM

Re: What am I doing wrong?
I'd drop Korver for Gibson and Krstic for Salmons myself.

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