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PFunk 09-08-2006 12:52 AM

A Few Trade Scenerios...
Here's a few trades that would work out financially and i think would help the hawks..

j.childress m.ellis
z.pachulia FOR a.foyle
t.lue a.biedrins


t.lue e.curry
r.ivey FOR d.lee
z.pachulia 2nd round pick


j.childress e.dampier
z.pachulia d.harris
t.lue FOR m.ager
r.ivey 2nd round pick

after the trades...


l.wright/a.foyle/a.biedrins z.pachulia/p o'bryant
m.williams/s.williams/s.jones t.murphey/i.diogu/c.taft
j.smith and m.dunleavy/j.childress/d.brown
j.johnson/s.stoudamire j.richardson/m.pietrus
s.claxton/m.ellis/r.ivey b.davis/m.ellis/k.mcleod


e.curry/l.wright/e.batista c.frye/j.james
s.williams/d.lee/s.jones z.pachulia/m.rose/m.taylor
j.smith/m.williams q.richardson/j.jefferies/j.rose
j.johnson/j.childress s.francis/j.crawford/m.collins/r.balk..
s.claxton/s.stoudamire s.marbury/n.robinson/t.lue/r.ivey


e.dampier/l.wright d.diop/z.pachulia/d.mbenga
m.williams/s.williams/s.jones d.nowitzki/a.croshere
j.smith/m.ager j.howard/j.stachouse/
j.johnson/s.stoudamire g.buckner/j.childress
d.harris/s.claxton j.terry/a.johnson

anyone go with these???

the dallas trade looks best for both teams...

Internet 09-08-2006 04:59 AM

Why would the hawks take on either of foyle, curry or dampier??? Those trades are pretty silly as they would lock the hawks into long term deals with players who dont live up to their salaries.
Childress is a good player who is still on his rookie contract, he could fetch much more in a trade then overpaid centres.

T21 09-18-2006 08:23 AM

No way! Hawks have a nice thing going for them, plus the cap space... and I strongly believe that the next years off-season will round-up this team and make Hawks strong contender for years to come...

BullsBigMan29 09-20-2006 03:37 AM

Pachulia has been a boon for Atlanta. He is developing into a post player that he could never have been when the Hornets had him. Atlanta is not going to let him go.

Josh, i'd send him to Orlando, reason why? Grant Hill may never play again, Josh can be the next McGrady on that squad (Same reason not to trade him).

You have some good pleayers who could make the Hawks fly again.

BTW, Dominique 2-1 4 Eva!

wally_world 09-24-2006 07:43 AM

only the 1st one will work out...

Eddy Curry and Devin Harris are too valueable for their respective teams...

shafir 09-24-2006 02:41 PM

The Hawks dont need Eddy Curry, Zaza is already doing a great job for them on the post.

final.wrath 09-25-2006 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by T21
and I strongly believe that the next years off-season will round-up this team and make Hawks strong contender for years to come...

why? you mean because of the deep draft? because the 07 free agent class isnt as deep as it was going to be with all the main players signing extensions this summer. vince carter and rashard lewis are the only two stars i can think of that will be free agents next year. am i forgetting someone major? im sure there will be some nice roleplayers though. if you want to have a good off season you should tank the season.

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