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jrcp3 10-19-2008 11:16 PM

Coach Sam doesn't know how to use Kapono
Coach Sam isn't using Jason Kapono to his full advantage ...... been checking out the games and he has Kapono on the 2nd line with no inside threats .... Kapono needs to be stricky a 3 point shooter ( Which he is mainly ) we don't need him trying to create his own stuff or dribble ( that's why we had bosh,jose,oniel ) he was so good in miami cuz he would just camp in the corners and get open spots from out of the post .... right now he is playing wit the 2nd line and there is no creators ..... very stupid of same .... you can give alittle defense for some much need 3 points and offensive .... sam has some work to do ....

Qwyjibo 10-20-2008 12:00 AM

Re: Coach Sam doesn't know how to use Kapono
Kapono is a very flawed player who has one good aspect to his game, his shot. The Raptors aren't using him too well but it's not an easy thing to do either. Some people say he should be starting since he'd play with Bosh and O'Neal but you can't start a player like him that can't guard a single opposing player in the NBA.

Why was he so good in Miami? Because he had Shaq and Wade. Wade is a better creator than anyone on the Raptors. His dribble penetration would open so much up for Kapono. Then you have Shaq who not only demanded an instant double team but was also a very good passer for a big man.

Kapono was a waste of money. In some games he will come in and hit some shots but there's no point in stressing over the role of someone who should only be playing 15 minutes per game on this team.

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