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bk15 06-10-2006 10:08 PM

Honestly i think that Toronto Would have no problem with that draft if NBA would allow High Schoolers in the draft....Toronto Would have picked
NBA Comparison: David Robinson


Incredibly fluid athlete for a 7 footer... Tremendous speed in the open court ... A center with his agility and talent comes along roughly every 10-15 years ... Extremely quick and explosive ... Enormous potential ... His game has improved significantly from his sophomore to junior seasons ... Starting to understand how to use his body and how dominant he can be ... Big defensive presence, and a terrific shot blocker with great length, timing and instincts ... Excellent rebounder ... Soft touch around the basket ... Has developed a decent turnaround hook with his right hand ... Very good passer with nice court vision (averaged 3.7 assists per game as a junior) ... Quality kid with a great attitude ... Very coachable, listens and wants to improve ... Team player with a winners mentality ... Improving on a daily basis ... Decent free throw shooter at 64% but needs to and should improve upon it (improved considerably from 51% as a sophomore) ...


Soft spoken. Very humble personality, which is a positive and a negative in that some would like to see him develop more of a swagger of confidence, but Duncan and Robinson were/are both silent (humble) assassins ... Needs to add more nastiness on the floor to dominate ... Still raw in terms of post moves, they are developing, but still have a ways to go ... He is so dominant on the high school level he hasn't needed to develop any range or post skills ... Doesn't have the ability to create offense for himself as he can overwhelm anyone he faces with his size and athleticism ... Still scores mostly on ally oops and put backs ... Has nice touch, but needs to develop a consistent mid range shot (ala Robinson) ... Strength wont be an issue for him ultimately, but right now he needs to add muscle to his upper body and legs ... Almost too unselfish ...

Jerm 06-10-2006 10:12 PM

bk, this is old news though. The NBA did us wrong and we can't do nothing about it. The draft in which AI was coming out, we couldn't have the #1 pick because of our expansion agreements. Sucks man!

Chamberlain 06-10-2006 11:42 PM

If only they waited untill NEXT year to make that rule change, the Raptors would already have Oden's jersey made. However, thats not the case, and life must go on.

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