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browntown 11-07-2008 12:20 AM

Help with a deal
So I'm in a 14 cat league. But I got this intersting offer. But first let me show everyone my team!

PG: Jaso Kidd
G: Mike Miller
G: Kirk Hinrich
PF: Amare Stoudimire
F: Tim Duncan
F: Rashard Lewis
C: Mehmet Okhur
Util: LuMarcus Aldrige
Bench: Shaquille O'neal
Bench: Raymound Felton
Bench: Kevin Love

Now here are the cats pts,rebs,orebs,drebs,blks,stls,asts,fgm,fg%,ftm,ft %,3ptm,3pt% and TO

Now heres the Deal

I'm Giving up

Tim Duncan
Rashard Lewis
Mehmet Ohkur


Kobe Bryant
Yao Ming

Personally I don't like the deal, due to Ming's history with injuiry, and I feel that I'm giving up rebs with Duncan, and Duncans hot since Manu is injuired.

Tell me what ya'll think, should I do the deal or should I reject it?

benJAMin 11-07-2008 10:57 AM

Re: Help with a deal
With Kobe getting fewer mins and Yao surely getting hurt, I'd stay away from that deal. Duncan is still Duncan, Rashard is so productive and elite, and Okur does some great things for your team. You cant afford that kind of hit in threes anyway, especially having two categories (3pm, 3p%).

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