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dblockrep2 09-26-2006 10:28 PM

Do we really need to sign Jay Williams?
I'm not one who likes to crush a feel good story like Jay Williams but with Eddie House on the roster we need to focus our attention on shooting bigs not another guard.

House has played the pg position on other teams (although his a shoot first kinda player) House has to be worked into rotation to give the Nets points and effectiveness from the perimeter this season.

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 09-26-2006 10:31 PM

just seeing what they have and if he is good, they could offer him a verbal contract for after the season or midseason when they unload MIkki/House if they should prove completely useless.

gigantes 09-26-2006 11:25 PM

agree, williams is definitely worth taking a look at.

he may be fooling himself to think he's able to play in the NBA anymore or he may be able to do enough to turn into a solid PG backup or 6th man. either way it's worth a look and doesn't cost the nets much.

Crazy Style 09-26-2006 11:29 PM

No he should go to the Bulls that's his original home after playing his first and only NBA season before his motorcycle accident. It would be a better story if things were to go that way. They can afford a back up point gaurd.

PFunk 09-28-2006 05:31 PM

i wouldn't mind seeing nj run a lot of 3 guard sets..


..would be fun to watch and they'd put up mucho points

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