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3.2.1. 02-23-2009 06:02 PM

This Team Has A LOT of Potential
Anthony Randolph
Marco Belinelli
Andris Biedrins
Anthony Morrow
Brandan Wright

If Biedrins develops a solid post game I can see him making the All-Star Game for years to come.

I think Belinelli will be a great player in the future, he has been playing great this year.

So the question is, which of these players do you think will be great in the future?

I think that Randolph and Belinelli have the most potential out of these young players to be great.

BayAreaSportz 02-25-2009 03:15 PM

Re: This Team Has A LOT of Potential
I wouldn't hold my breath in hopes of Biedrins being a solid offensive player at anytime during his career. He's too mechanical and doesn't have much skills to work with. "Never" is a long word, but AB will NEVER be able to float out to 15 feet and knock a jumper own. His best bet at becoming a solid center is to work on his shot blocking, rebounding and setting picks.

I think Randolph and Marco should be the main future pieces of this team along with next year's draft pick. With Mullin out of the picture there will be nomore Pietrus, O'Bryant or Diogus being drafted in the lottery. Of course I'd would like them to get the #1 overall pick and get Griffin, but thats unlikely to happen. If they can get a guy like Earl Clark or Aminu, then I think they could have a nice core of young guns. Possibly trade a 2 for 1 with Chicago who has 2 first rounders this year. If they can get Jennings with their 1st pick and get a player like James Johnson out of Wake Forest with a later pick, they could be on their way to being a really good taem.

Brujesino 02-25-2009 06:15 PM

Re: This Team Has A LOT of Potential
i would agree with all those except marrow i think he will only be a reat 3 point shooter but not develop muche else

brandon gain wieght and a mid range game should be fine

belleneli only needs to work on his D it was horrible last year bad to decent this year other then that marco has got everything you want he can pass shoot now only needs the D

Randolph needs to gain some weight and mature he will get better as the years go by but he just really needs to mature

Beidrins hes a great rebounder a respectable defender if he can play like he did in the begining of the season offensively he should be an all star center in the future(averaged 17 points) now its down to 12 or something i agree most likely will never devlop a jumpshot but a post game is much more likely he shows little flashes of it in games

all in all great future for the warriors

BayAreaSportz 02-27-2009 05:22 PM

Re: This Team Has A LOT of Potential
I think Biedrin's numbers are just the effect of them playing in a such a fast paced game. Watching him closely this entire season, he gets a lot of easy rebounds and when he has to fight for one, he usually loses. He doesn't box out and relies on his length and athleticism. You put him on a team with more of a regular paced game and he'd be a 8 rebound a game guy and probably won't stand out. You have to remember that he's playing with 4 other guys that are 6'6 on the court, so he should be getting all the rebounds.

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