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nz_arenas 05-25-2009 09:28 PM

potential draft day deal between clippers/kings/grizzlies?
nba draft night deal between clippers/kings/grizzlies?
Just an idea, but i think it this three-team trade works for all teams:

LA Clippers send Randolph and Mardy Collins to Memphis,

Memphis send Mike Conley, Darko Milicic and a re-signed Hakim Warrick to Sacramento,

and Sacramento send Kenny Thomas and Beno Udrih to the Clippers.

Clippers would get rid of Randolph and griffin would step into the starting lineup, and mike dunleavy gets a point guard he admires in Beno Udrih. I can haardly see kenny thomas playing another game in the NBA, so really he's in the deal to make numbers match.

Memphis would keep their second pick and draft rubio, get an average back up point in mardy collins but get solid low post scoring in randolph. they have a short bench though, but rubio, mayo and gay would be a formidable backcourt trio. however, they would be taking a gamble eating into their cap space and losing their chance to sign an 2010 free-agent.

Sacramento would get an improving distributor, and i like them to draft james harden or demar derozan, who would be awesome for the kings. it also clears heaps of room for the 2010 off-season, when Milicic and Conley's contracts run out, and they clear out udrih's ugly contract...

In the end this is how the rotations would figure...

Baron Davis
Eric Gordon
Al Thornton
Blake Griffin
Marcus Camby
Chris Kaman
Beno Udrih and so on....

Mike Conley
Kevin Martin
Andres Nocioni
Jason Thompson
Spencer Hawes
Hakim Warrick
James Harden/Demar Derozan
Rashard Mccants, F. Garcia and so on...

Ricky Rubio
OJ Mayo
Rudy Gay
Zach Randolph
Marc Gasol

but a really short bench of Darius Miles, Q. Ross, Haddadi, Arthur, and their No.27 pick.
this could help their young players get more experience though...

LA may need to throw a future draft pick at the Kings or the Grizz to sweeten the deal but i think it works well for all team.... what do you guys think????

qrich 05-25-2009 09:37 PM

Re: potential draft day deal between clippers/kings/grizzlies?
No. If Memphis wants Z-Bo, we'll cut Sacramento out of the deal and do:

Randolph, R. Davis, $3 mil to buy-out Davis and some extra for Marko, Darko & Greg Buckner. Clippers just cut Darko right after so Memphis can sign him if they want.

jailer 05-26-2009 02:40 AM

Re: potential draft day deal between clippers/kings/grizzlies?
Um does no one remember when memphis was talking to the knicks about trading for randolph? If we didnt take him then,they definitely wont take him now. Unless its a home run trade offer.

A.M.G. 05-26-2009 02:20 PM

Re: potential draft day deal between clippers/kings/grizzlies?
I'm not sure anyone wants Z-Bo. Not even Memphis.

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