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codered7 10-11-2006 05:13 PM

Rate my Roster plz!-newbie need help!
12-man H2H

pg B.Davis
Sg. R Allen
SF R Lewis
PF J. Oneal
C P. Brown
C J. Foster
Util Peja
Util C. Butler
Util R. FOye
Util B. Simmons
D. Marshall, G. Buckner, B. Bowen, A. Johnson, C. Robinson, L. Barbosa, K. Bogans

please help and criticize!!!!!

Tess Squad 10-11-2006 06:25 PM


I instantly see your squad as HURTING on rebounds, in a conventional league, normally not the end of the world though. BUT Does your league actually count Off Rebs, Def Rebs, Total Rebs all seperately? If so, and you technically dont have one single player to avg over 10 REBS/game, then i think you're screwed on 3 categories right off the bat.

No offence, man, but you need help in more categories than excell in. Not the situation you want to be in when you are trying to manipulate a fantasy team post draft.

You are right around avg. in Pts/game, FGM/game and FG%, but not strong.

Probably really good in FT%

I'd say its obvious that you probably have the best 3PM/3P% in your league. 3PM definitely, but 3P% is questionable, not as strong as 3PM, but surely above average.

You will be alright with ASTS but not above avg for sure.

STLS you may find yourself winning more often than not.

But I say you're starting WAY behind the curve on 4 categories right off the bat (3 REB categories & Blks) and not excelling in anything but 3PM. It's not gonna be the most exciting 2nd half of the year unless you can pull some freaky FA acquisitions and trades. Not so sure it can be helped.

But then again, what do I offense brother...

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