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Bourne 10-29-2006 09:39 PM

OT: times you've been knee deep, how you got out?
:rolleyes: Part 1:

You know those times when you're knee deep in shlt? You have constraints on you, whether they be time or something physical, but you rise above them.

What situation were you in, what was stacked against you, and how did you get out?

My recent one is sort of lame, but I had an accounting project due on a tuesday, a huge midterm that tuesday, and another the day before. The constraints is that it was saturday night and I didn't know **** about accounting and I hadn't even started. This story doesn't really have any surprises or anything. I just pull an all nighter on sunday night and stayed up to five on the monday night. I'm not one to do this, mind you, so I felt like crap. I finished the project, raped the first exam, calculus (it was easy **** that I'd done in HS), and the last midterm I got lucky on. I got out of that situation. No scars. Too bad I'm in a similar situation :mad: now, I've had a 3 week stretch that has been brutal.

Some things I learned that some of you probably already know:
- if you are staying up late, remove all indications of time. Unplug clocks, scramble time on comp then hide it. Put your watch somewhere time-consuming to get to. If you don't know what time it is, you don't feel guilty about staying up late (something that happens to me).
- think you might quit and go to bed? Put on a movie in the background. You're not going to bed until it's over at least. :hammerhead:
- obviously, coffee
- question: would red bull help one stay up? it'd be a desperation thing, I don't want to touch that crap

Part 2:

You know those times when you're just in the zone? A new person? Nothing is impossible?

When has this happened for you and what did it help you accomplish?

This usually happens to me when I'm right pissed off. For example, being in a soccer game and getting goals scored on you and having your teammates stop being gung-ho and start laughing it off. Or down by 1 goal with not much time left when fighting to continue your season. When I get into a state like that, the ball never gets past me (blue collar defensemen here). Kick harder, run faster, feel no pain, be more physical. Only thing that stopped me was the ref's whistle.

Another situation is when my management prof, with an annoying as hell quebec accent and pro-quebec disposition, kept piling on work and new material to be studied for the midterm (while having a huge project due two days after the midterm from the same course). I was so ****ing pissed off, heh I was completely in a "everyone is trying to **** me over" mood. I went straight back to my dorm room, skipped supper and studied the textbook (he doesn't put his PPT on the internet, nor does he even summarize them), remembering everything I read without having to read anything twice. It was awesome. Unfortunately, the raptors have a preseason game that night. That'll ruin any groove

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